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Cover Specs?

Marx Maddox


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As far as I know the header resizes to match the size of the website...

I created a large image that is shrunk down. If you are seeing a bur or pixelation I would guess your image is too small.

Feel Free to send me a link to the image in a PM and I will check it out for you.

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14 hours ago, TheWordIsMarc said:

Hi Folk,

Maybe I'm being blind or stupid but my banner art kept coming out too big and blurred yesterday. Does anyone know the correct pixel specs for the cover size? 

Pixel size shouldnt matter as far as actually uploading, as @JuniorChubb said the site will stretch or shrink it (doesn't mean it'll look good afterward though if stretched to much. You just need to be at 8.5MB or less on file size

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