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Matusware`s Challence - 99 laps 12 hours with Panto


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It is Done..


this is step by step details what happened on the race and this will include the aftermath and details by the numbers


7.8.2014 around 19:00

i was getting ready for the race, setting up hardware and testing that they can handle 12 hours of recording

in 22:00 i was getting ready to sleep so i can have enough energy to go on in that point i have been awake for 15 hours and i havent eaten nothing, the heatwave made it hard to me to fall alseep so i didnt


5:00 8.8.2014

i have been awake for 22 hours without any food or drink

i recheck hardware and answer quetions etc on GTAF

im making final preparations and same time forget to get any snacks or water,

cutting corners so i can start

time before stream starts 1h


6:00 8.8.2014

i have been awake for 23 hours without water or food.

i start the stream and get a glass of water


between 6:00 and 17:00 im racing non-stop, having no pee/coffee or anykind of breaks

or any kind of food living off with only one glass of water, somewhere near 45th lap i get outside supporter who brings me second glass of water, im still going..

in between laps 70 and 80 im feeling weak, right hand feels numb and i fall to sleep for few seconds enough time to me to crash,

between laps 78 - Final Lap my dehydration kicks in and the fact that i have been awake long time are taking its toll, and capturing device is getting overheated cause all the rooms AC is turned off, hard disc is making noises cause it has been working since 5:00 AM recording everything


18:40 8.8.2014

Final Lap ->


Race is canceled by hardware failure, stream goes offline cause hardware overheats and cuts the signal

in this point i have been awake for 36 hours and i have been racing for 13 hours without food, two glasses of water, with no pee/coffee/tea breaks non-stop driving about 1162 miles (1870 kilometers) using stock panto..


~19:00 -> (right time is unclear to me)  8.8.2014

Dehydrated and no sleep and no food takes its final toll and i almost collapse

and im taken to the hospital





i did it...cause i can...for the shits and giggles...For the domestic battery



Thank You Letter for those who were there

-> Open Thank You Letter









Original Topic


Matusware`s Challence

99 laps 12 hours 1302.84 Miles with Panto


What a Heck Are You Doing?


 i had idea to do something crazy, and i thought ill do a little challence so far the idea is that

ill drive 99 times around entire gta online map with panto, that will take me 12 hours.. 1302.84miles on Panto, idea is also to stream this on twitch, Zmurko76 made a map for me that goes around the los santos and im going to use that (thanks mate), first i thought ill just go full retard and drive 23hrs 1643miles with panto but then i started to think little things called health issues so now im just gonna "risk it for the biscuit" and try that 12hr version..


Why man, Why Are you Doing This!?


for shits and giggles.. cause i can.. for the biscuits.. for domestic battery..


What do you get from this? rewards?


Nothing.. i get nothing.. i gain nothing.. maybe a heatstroke maybe...


Christ sake...when?


i will start this on Friday 8.8.2014 in 6:00AM EEST (UTC/GMT +2 hours) and it will last 12 hours about..


...anything else?


This will be shown as Live Stream on Twitch and im gonna record it and upload everything on youtube (or something)

and im doing this alone cause R* servers have bad habit of going down and i dont want to risk that after 6 hours the games gonna kick me or somebody else out..i have seen this happening on vetting sessions and servers that have more than 3 people... im lucky if servers hold up for 12hours without screwups...




https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMatusware <-To My Youtube Channel


http://www.twitch.tv/matusware <- My Twitch Channel

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It's not TOO crazy idea. I've been thinking about some similar stuff, but much (MUCH) shorter though.

Still wanna make it on foot from the most NW point of the map to the port once, which could be a challenge finding the shortest route through the mountains. Probably a lot more fun/exciting in story mode too with cougars.

Another one would be to swim all around the enire SA "island".


I'll tune in for a while for sure on friday. ;)

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Go Finland!!

*waving finland flag*


Y'all are NUTS! ;)

what can i say, its one of my features..


Good luck Matusware :) You crazy, crazy man 

Thank You mr Smoggy ^^

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Mentalist! Good luck Matus, you're hardy that's for sure :-)

when there is will, there is way ^^ and thank you miss casey


I bet Revbouncer would up for this too.

Mr Rev would be perfect for this little shenanigans xD


I cant stop smiling :D

You Crazy Fin.... GO! MATUS!!

you cant stop smiling and you call *me* crazy ;D

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I made bisquits for your race, your just going to have to drive to my house to get them :)

Ireland here i come! xD it needs to be very speedy trip cause its about 3h and 30min till i star and i need some sleepz before that...

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I've been watching this off and on throughout the night.  Absolutely incredible!  I've slept, eaten several times, created a new race, and Matus is still going strong with his Panto.  I don't think he's even taken a break, which is just mind-blowing.


Nice job, Matus!  Crazy adventure, but I admire you committing yourself to this. :D

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The closest I've come to this sort of thing is placing continuous bids on some FIFA Ultimate Team cards for 3 hours.Which obviously included breaks.

Matus has already spent more than 12 hours... : STARTLE :

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