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Player Quantity In Title?


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Not sure where to post this suggestion, please feel free to move it if necessary.

What about putting the player qty in brackets after the job title in the relevant forums so anyone making up a playlist can instantly see what jobs are suitable without having to open up the topic itself.

Something like this;

Breaking Wind (2-8)

New to making up playlists for other people myself it seems to me like a good suggestion or am I missing an easier way to identify how many a job is suitable for? If so, can someone let me know.

Cheers :-)

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Depends on where you're looking for jobs. If you're going through a forum you usually have to follow a link to RSC to find out for how many players is the job.


If you'e going directly through RSC it's much quicker to get that info.


Link to XDBX jobs: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/domestic_battery/games/gtav/jobs

You can filter them by type and then sort them by name, no. of plays, likes, date.

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Cheers Zmurko.

I was thinking mainly about the posts people make on this website. The crew created forums in particular. Seems like such a simple idea I can only think I'm overlooking something.

I'm fine with the RSC searching, I was just trawling through the crew stuff on here and had a light bulb moment, albeit a dull one! lol :-)

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It isnt such a bad idea, this info should at least be available inside the topic especially for TDMs and Captures (it probably is for most of them). Races are usually all 16 player jobs.


Having it in a topic might help, but I know at least when it comes to TDMs and captures, creators change that after initial testing, so it would be some extra work for HC to edit the titles when needed.

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I see your point Z. I suppose things do get changed a lot after testing and you can't edit titles so probably a bad idea. Never thought of that.


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