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Free roam problems


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This is a condensed version of what I posted a few days ago on Domestic Battery forums.

Basically for about 2 weeks now gang hideouts have only been working about half the time. When they don't work the gang leader never spawns, so although I can kill all the gang members it never counts as clearing the hideout because the game has not triggered me starting to clear the hideout.

Also for about a week most stranger missions have become almost unplayable. Sometimes I just never get the option to hit square to start them. Sometimes they start but I don't get given anything to do, e.g. if it's meant to be drive a supply wagon then the wagon does not spawn, if it's meant to be track down and kill NPCs then I get no way point and no yellow area to search of them. This has always happened occasionally but now it's almost all the time. Delivering mail bags and hunting animals do usually work.

It seems to me both problems are somehow due to the game not being able to spawn something extra, e.g. a gang leader, a wagon, a group of NPC targets. But mail bags, bears and cougars it seems to be able to manage.

I have contacted R* support, provided them with video evidence of a gang hideout not working properly. Their advice has included turning the PS4 off and on again, holding down L1 and R1 whilst booting up the game (which as far as I can see does absolutely nothing but they claim "resets local user profile setting") and now changing DNS settings. They have suggested it could me some form of connection issue and certain things are not loading into the game when I start it up. 


So just wondering if anyone else is getting problems like this and has anyone had any useful advice that could fix this?


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