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JDM Non-Contact Championship (SRL)


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JDM Tiered Non-Contact Championship

4 weeks championship starting on 7th of March at 21:00 UTC, hosted by @zmurko

Part of Sunday Racing League, but with a separate thread just for this championship



3 tiered non-contact racing championship using Japanese cars.
A Super tier, a fast Sports tier and a slow Sports tier.
6 races every week, all set to non-contact, 8-10mins long, 2 for each tier.
We'll be mostly racing on tracks we normally don't use for contact racing, due to them not offering much overtaking opportunities (too fast).


3 cars:
- a Japanese Super car, S80RR recommended (RE-7B also eligible)
- a fast Japanese Sports car with a livery, Elegy Retro Custom or Jester Racecar recommended
- a Dinka Jester Classic


1st place, 10 15 points
2nd place, 8 12 points
3rd, 6 10
4th, 5 8
5th, 4 7
6th, 3 6
7th, 2 5
8th, 1 4
9th, 3
10th, 2
11th, 1
fastest lap, 1 point

There will be a winner in the general combined standings and a winner in each tier as well.


Everyone drives inside the host and we start on 20s.

Weekly playlist will be published every Monday night / Tuesday morning. Each playlist will take around 1h15min. I'll have a lobby open around 15mins before the PL as usual.

Everyone is welcome to join, so invite your friends, colleagues, family, the more the merrier. If we get more than 12 or more racers, I'll expand the scoring system as well.

See you all this Sunday for the first week of the championship!

Edited by zmurko
Updated the scoring system
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# Driver Tuner Sports Super Fastest laps TOTAL
1 rammsteinDUDE99 101 103 79 7 290
2 badingaa 72 85 102 10 269
3 mulder69 99 68 71 2 240
4 SKYDAVE 60 51 73 0 184
5 zmurko 56 64 51 0 171
6 GTP_Fido_le_muet 57 50 56 4 167
7 DavidCore89 45 58 34 1 138
8 omarcomin71 25 27 28 0 80
9 Beez620 21 21 25 0 67
10 Schumi6581 18 16 20 0 54
11 Skorpion-AH 5 13 12 0 30
12 lann3fors 8 7 11 0 26
14 BryanosaurusRex 4 12 7 0 23
13 Con-9mm 9 7 4 0 20

Tuner tier, top 3:

1. @RammsteinDUDE, 101 points
2. @mulder, 99 points
3. @badingaaa, 72 points

Sports tier, top 3:

1. @RammsteinDUDE, 103
3. @badingaaa, 85
2. @mulder, 68

Super tier, top 3:

1. @badingaaa, 102
2. @RammsteinDUDE, 79
3. @SkyeDave, 73

Most fastest laps:

1. @badingaaa, 10
2. @RammsteinDUDE, 7
3. @Fido_le_muet, 4

Week 1 results:








Week 2 results:








Week 3 results:








Week 4 results:









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Results from week 4
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WEEK 1 tracks

Jester Classic races:

- Atomic R-Seoul by @no_snacks
- Sweeping Motion by jbcarfreek

Elegy Retro Custom / Jester Racecar races:

- Pißwasser Street Circuit by J_Bomb55
- Sharonstone Circuit by LancerEvoWRC

S80RR ( / RE-7B) races:

- Devil's Junk Circuit by LancerEwoWRC
- Xero Gas International by LancerEwoWRC



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On 3/2/2021 at 9:54 AM, zmurko said:

Btw, if anyone still needs to buy the S80RR, it's currently on sale (40% off), so you still have today and tomorrow to do your shopping before R* removes the discount. Pretty good deal, getting it for around $1.5M.

  Hide contents



I bought one 😊

Also have a brand new controller so no more excuses. 😏

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4 minutes ago, zmurko said:

We'll be meeting in this parking lot in Little Seoul:


I'll open a lobby 15-20mins before the start, bring your best looking Japanese car; your Penumbras, Jesters, Elegys, Blistas, ...

Allright I'll bring my Dilettante along. 

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1 hour ago, zmurko said:

Even off-road tires.

I will silently judge anyone who turns up with off road tires on a race car though.

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6 minutes ago, Fido_le_muet said:

Thanks Z. Great racing night once again. 

I was fairly consistent until that last race. 


Award for most spectacular crash goes to you! 

Edited by RammsteinDUDE
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Oh wow, thats some impressive acrobatics @Fido_le_muet!

Thanks for racing everyone, felt like it was 2017 again or something, when this (non-contact) was almost all we did.

Nice looking cars in the lobby as well:

I'll post the results and championship standings tomorrow along with next week's tracks as well.

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Results from week 1 have been posted in 2nd post:


Congratulations to @RammsteinDUDE for taking the lead in the championship and to everyone else for some fast racing.

Current top 5 drivers in the general standings:

1. @RammsteinDUDE, 62 points
2. @badingaaa, 59 points
    @mulder, 59 points
4. @DavidCore89, 57 points
5. @SkyeDave, 47 points

We've had 4 different winners last night with Ramm taking 3 wins and mulder, DC and badingaa taking 1 each.


Week 2 tracks:

Jester Classic races:

- Spitfire Speedway by elle95_LHF
- Bay City Bangerlang by sloshyboy

Elegy Retro Custom / Jester Racecar races:

- Zonah Int. Raceway by LancerEvoWRC
- The Square Ring by @no_snacks

S80RR (RE-7B) races:

- Rockford Motor Raceway by LancerEvoWRC
- F*karu Motors Raceway by elle95_LHF



Edited by zmurko
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Could we give some kind of handicap to these top 5 drivers ? 

Like say, have them pick a mandatory Regina for every race 😁

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I'm gonna allow the Sultan Classic as well, as it doesn't seem to be overpowered or anything, at least not with me behind the wheel. I couldn't beat my Jester racecar times, as it does like to step out, so it's a little more challenging to drive I guess.

Does anyone mind? I know it's a little last minute, so not much time left to practice with it, but I'd just like to offer some more variety at least in one of the tiers.

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Results from week 2 have been posted in 2nd post of this topic:


Week 2 saw some fast racing and I had a feeling few came a little more prepared than in week 1. We've had 3 absentees from week 1 and a new winner, moi! 😄

Otherwise not much has changed, @RammsteinDUDE takes 2 wins and @badingaaa takes 3.

Current top 5 in the general standings:

1. @RammsteinDUDE, 135 pts
2. @badingaaa, 130
3. @mulder, 118
4. @Fido_le_muet, 97
5. @SkyeDave, 92

Week 3 tracks:

Jester Classic:

- Kortz Center Circuit by @JuniorChubb
- Do You Even Lift, Bro? by @no_snacks

Jester racecar / Elegy Retro Custom / Sultan Classic:

- Opium Nights by Xervall
- Federal Reserve GP by Bxnkyy-

S80RR / (RE-7B):

- Sewers Point Raceway by LancerEvoWRC
- La Puerta Street Circuit by LancerEvoWRC



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