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Domestic Battery 7th Anniversary


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Domestic Battery 7th Anniversary

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It's the XDBX's 7th anniversary on 28th Jan and we'd like to invite our friends here at rockstarsocialclub.net to join us in our week long celebrations.

We are hosting our usual weekly events, with one two extra ones. They are all open to site members here, other crews we're friends with, ex XDBX etc. The playlists will be based around classic XDBX creations.

The scheduled events (times in UTC/GMT - unless stated otherwise) and hosts are below. Links to the events thread where you can RSVP will be added later.

  • Mon 25th 21:00 - M5 hosted by Ally and LadyA
    • A racing and driving focused playlist
  • Wed  27th 20:30 -  Whacky Races hosted by DJ
    • racing on not that serious circuits, unusual or lesser used vehicles
  • Thu 28th 21:00 US Central (03:00 GMT Fri 29th) - TNT Dodge
    • Hosted by Dodge, expect anything
  • Fri 29th A one off return of Bank's Funky Fridays
  • Sat 30th 21:00 2 Bros hosted by Omar and Pete
    • Our regular mixed PL, racing & fighting
  • Sun 31st 21:00 Sunday Racing League hosted by Zmurko
    • Z's classic racing event



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Updated 1st post with links to calendar entries, a couple still to be arranged.

Please RSVP after the date shown (to let the previous week's event clear first). If no date then it's got a one-off entry so RSVP any time.

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