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Looking for at least 3 more peeps to trade Rally Race wins - a minimum of 4 are needed AFAIK, as each car needs a driver and navigator.  I'd REALLY like to unlock the final re-sprays (the bare metal ones), and the idea of reliving some of my competitive driving days would be a blast.


Yours Aye,


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I have the metal paints, but I need the Backseat Driver trophy. So I'm up for this as well.

I think the only other trophy I need after that is Numero Uno.

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4 of us did this few weeks ago.


Make sure you decide on your teams beforehand, because each of you will have 2 settings in the race lobby: preffered partner and preffered role, so just alternate the preffered role setting.

If for some reason the game stil puts you in the wrong seat (example, you need a drivers win and you've been put in the co-driver seat), theres an option that host can select: 'swap roles on respawn'. You just need to respawn your vehicle (hold triangle) and players will switch seats.


I suggest you use criminal records for the track, so you wont have to deal with giving directions and the drivers can just do a lap on their own.


It's quite a different experience, I actually had fun doing our four races.

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