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Local music around the world


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I'm probably not the biggest music fan around, I don't walk around with earphones stuck in my ear (though I think I have an iPod somewhere on my desk), I listen to pretty much anything (unless its really bad or too hardcore), but thought I'd start a topic for us to share some of the local stuff. USA and UK members probably wont have much to offer as their music is known worldwide, but we might get a pleasant surprise.


So here it is, try to include one traditional folk song and one of your favourite (or most known) local band. I'll start.



These guys (Ansambel bratov Avsenik or Avsenik brothers band) are still our best selling authors of all time, with more than 36 million copies sold (theres only 2 million of us), they were active from 1953-1900, performing the traditional polka music (not my cup of tea, but when really drunk ...). Nickname for this kind of music around here is 'cattle music', you get the picture. ;)

According to german TV ARD, it's one of top 20 songs of all time when it comes to number of times performed, no.1 when it comes to instrumental songs. They used to be really big in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, even USA&Canada because of all the post WW2 immigrants. Perhaps some of you have even heard of them, dunno.

Whenever this one comes out of the speakers at one of sport arenas in Slovenia (football, basketball, ...), even the most uptight and snob people wont be able to resist it and the crowd usually goes crazy. :D



And an older one from one of our most popular bands during the last 20 years (Big Foot Mama). This one is from 1995 (ah good old times, first uni year).



Let's hear some local music then ...


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Love the bagpipes. When I was in the Navy there was an officer that would put on a kilt and play the bagpipes until the last sailor available for liberty left.

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