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So I was checking on R* Social to see my stats and to my surprise in recent activities, I saw where I got a World Record but it does not say in what, guess I don't pay much attention to notification like this in game. My question is how do I find out what in and did I break the top the top 5 players of whatever it was that was played, or is this a number one ranking all around?

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A genuine world record would be number one out of every single player who has ever played that job (it is possible that you could be beaten 100+ times after setting a genuine world record).


You can check the leaders for each R* and Verified job on Social Club by clicking on a R* or verified job and then clicking 'leaders', you can use the drop down menu to change between standard and non-contact, DM or TDM.


You can also change the drop down to show just friends, just XDBX or every GTAO player.


I've had world record (not genuine) but only right after an update or right after cloud services being unavailable (this happens to a lot of people).

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