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(Crew War) - XDBX vs FEAR


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This was a fun and frustrating head to head. GTAO was quite glitchy, and I am assuming it was for both teams. Everyone was bouncing around hard *n my screen and in chat everyone in XDBX was seeing the same thing. Usually there is a couple people a bit laggy but seemed both teams were quite laggy making getting kills difficult and keeping players connected tough as well.

Congrats to @Crazykay19 of FEAR for winning the playlist. 

@M.C.Lethal Dose and I agreed before the match we would add the points up for races and parachute to determine which crew won, by my math and agreed on by @M.C.Lethal Dose Domestic Battery won by points.


Here's what I come up with for scores.

TDM - XDBX 15 / Fear 12



Runway Road Course - XDBX 72 / FEAR 61



In The Wings - XDBX 90 / FEAR 40



Through The Gap - XDBX 77 / FEAR 55 ( not counting Protocawl score, taking out lowest xdbx score to even up the numbers)



Jet Moto - XDBX 84 / FEAR 48 (not counting ConGamePro score to even up the numbers)



Richman Mansion - XDBX 15 / FEAR 12



Sultan Rally - XDBX 72 / FEAR 59 (not counting Nkaujog score to even up the numbers)



Overall - XDBX 335 / FEAR 296


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