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Posting Pictures

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This thread is a quick guide to posting pictures on the forum and will assume you already know the basics of having to host your pictures elsewhere and paste the URL in your post.

Where to post

Remember that the VANS section of the website is currently private. Only the Home page is visible to non-members. If you want to promote us and interact in the public areas of the forum then post outside of the VANS area. If your pictures are for VANS members only then stick to posting in the VANS area.

You may wish to do both, if so then spam in the VANS area and just post the best images in the public areas. We do not want to bore non-members with multiple photos of the same events as people will just skim through them, just post a handful of good ones to trigger interest and conversation. However in the VANS section feel free to spam away (remembering spoiler tags as many may be using mobile data).

Feel free to add images any public threads if they are relevant, just remember quality over quantity.

The following threads have already been created to encourage all crews to post and share in the public areas.

GTAO Crew Pictures (for promoting meet ups and events)


GT Sport Scapes Pictures (for pictures from Scapes)


GT Sport Race Pictures


More will follow, you are also free to create your own. Just ask yourself if it is necessary before you create an image thread in the public areas.

When to create a new thread

Feel free to create a new thread for you pictures if you feel there is not an appropriate place for you pictures already in place, again there is more leeway for this in the VANS section than the public areas of the forum.

For GTA in the VANS section there will usually be a place for you already in place, for example pictures from events can go in in the Results thread for that event. For GTS though you may want to create a thread in the VANS section as there may not be one there already.

When creating a thread for posting pictures make sure that you make it clear that the thread is for pictures in the title. Also include a sentence explaining where the pictures are from.

Posting from the PlayStation feed

Just a little tip about sharing from your PlayStation. You can share to your feed then to the forum for a nice quick console to forum image share using the technique below.

1. Browse to image on your Playstation an hit the Share button then select Activites to share it to your feed.

2. Log on to the Playstation website on your device, sign in and find the image you just shared on your feed.

3. Get the image URL (either 'right click copy image address' or 'open image in new tab' then copy the URL).

4. Paste the image URL into your post


If you have any questions about when and where to post just ask in the thread below...


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If you want to get involved & join our events make a post in our public recruitment thread


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