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Heat - street shotout


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Who doesnt love that scene when they are making their way down the road with bags of money on thier backs and big guns in their hands.
My first capture, inspired by this action/movie. 
So the heist went well, the money is bagged, all that is left is a short walk to the cars.
The team and the bags of money are now at the doorsteps of the Union Depository building.
So the entrance to the Unions Depository building is the starting point for the robbers (Team 2). 
The robbers need to take a short walk to bring the bags back to the waiting getaway cars. 
The cars are parked at the small constructionssite on the opposite side of the highway, 
and the road that leads up there are now filled with law enforcement (and Team 2).
The robbers have a backup in juiced up respawning highly accurate Lamar with a minigun, 
he is (not) keeping a low profile up by the bridge (over the highway) just in case it gets though.
Team 1 - The agents that are bringing back the money to the safe armored truck right next to the FIB suvs. 
This team has nine armed, agressive and accurate respawning teammates already in the streets for backup.
Team 1 starts at the other end of the street (close to the robbers getawaycars) where they just arrived in their black suvs.
Although Lamar is one trustworthy robber, the field has been leveled some and the robbers can carry two bags of money, as the agents only carries one.






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