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Hey Guys.

I really need som help from you racers out there.

I'm looking for 2 new cars, a super car and a sports car.

I already have the Zentorno and the 9F but can't seem to handling them :P

For those who don't already know, my driving skills realy suck sweaty balls and I need some cars with good handling :)

If the two cars I have is the two with the best handlig, I'm in really deep shit ;)

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If you have the Zentorno I'd stick with it and just get out and practice, practice, practice... I find knowing the track can make more of a difference than the car I drive.

For sports I like the Massacro, but as Pb76 said the Elegy handles well so does the Feltzer.  


I used to drive the Jester but it was too hard to control and I had to downgrade to the Feltzer.  I ended up taking around 2 - 5 seconds off most of my lap times with the slower Feltzer because I could run cleaner laps with it.

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Zentorno or entity for you supers. Turismo is fast, but really can't compete. Lots of sports cars are good for racing. Ive seen solid laps come out of the Feltzer, Massacro, Carbonizarre, Elegy, Comet, and occasionally the Jester. I personally use the Massacro, Feltzer, and Comet. For my Super, I use the Zentorno, and have had good luck with it so far.

If you are having control issues, I would lean towards the Elegy, or even the Coquette. Ive driven both. The Elegy is solid, and my experience with the Coquette is that it practically drives itself. Its not as fast as some others, but the handling makes up for alot of that speed loss.

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Honestly. I would probably stay away from the Feltzer and the comet. They are a little slippery.

The best advice I can give is to try some cars out. See what works for you. The fastest car may not be the car for you. And if you have a car you can drive, you can be competitive, even if its not the fastest.

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I did 6 rally races with rev, Hannabis, and zmurko today.


You wanna see suck ass. That was me! 

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The Zentorno is absolutely wonderful IMO. It has what I call "precision" handling, similar to the Turismo. It's not for everyone though so while I know I improved once I used this car, it may not be the same for you. And that's kind of the neat thing. A lot of it comes down to the car's performance sure, but comfort level is just as important if not more so. As others have mentioned the XF is not the wrong choice either as it's incredibly easy to drive, has a bit more traction and is just as easy to correct a mistake with at the loss of very minor speed.




The diversity in Sports is insane. So many good cars and the neat thing here is that unless you're really TRYING to split hairs for your own personal best lap, you can pick what feels best to you. Some of my favorites and why:


Elegy: this is your record lap setting king. No 2 ways about it. Once you really understand and appreciate the tenacious grip this monster has you'll see what it can do and what it does (AWD is the answer here). That said, for me, it's no easy car to drive and it's something I'm not comfortable with. But if I really want to improve in this segment (which I do) I need to start using this car more. It's free to obtain too. The thing you'll notice here is that is has a good amount of understeer (I'll be using that word and oversteer a lot). This essentially means that you're putting more effort into turning a certain way than the car is allowing you to do (think of a car that has really bad understeer as like trying to turn a bus around a corner). The brakes are also awful, which is okay considering how wicked the acceleration and grip is. You need to make use of braking early and not doing it through a turn or you risk spinning out.


Jester: this is my personal go to vehicle. It is AWD although it's grip isn't on the same plane as the Elegy. It's a very small and light vehicle so it's very easy to flick around (some understeer present) but considering it's low weight it's just as easy to have a collision go very wrong for you. This car is just very comfortable to me and I think has my own desired best balance.


Massacro: this is your 2nd best performing vehicle in the class, interestingly enough. It's straight line acceleration is insane and it has monstrous brakes. So funny enough while it is RWD and a little stiff you can practically almost power through every turn by braking late and just accelerating through (crude description).


Feltzer: this was my very first sports car. I ran with it forever. This is a car that has oversteer, but in a very manageable way. You have the 9F so you know exactly what I'm talking about. While that car is like driving on ice, this has more traction and the oversteer isn't nearly as great as the 9F and say Carbon. This honestly reminds me a lot of the Jester in how it behaves. It may not have the acceleration and braking abilities but if you play with it enough, it's very accepting of constant fine tuning and gives pretty good feedback (quite good for a lot of corners and barrage of twists, turns, and bends). This is still very much one of the best in the class though, the cars above it being "better".


Coquette: this is a car I very much adore. It's more of an upper middle of the pack kind of car in terms of performance. What I really love here though, as Dodge mentioned, is how it feels. And that's a big thing. To me it is extremely comfortable and has a wonderful overall balance (the other cars just perform at a higher level). The selling point here IMO is how easy it is to correct a mistake with this car, it's so forgiving. Your rear end could be slipping out in this direction and that direction and it's almost like slow motion in the time you have to pull it back before it's completely gone.


Alpha: this is a car I adore as much as the Coquette. It's also an upper middle of the pack performer. It's a big car. It's physically large so it can actually take some hits without veering too much of course. It has a very good top speed as well (although it's rare you can utilize that) but this is just another vehicle that feels really good to drive. It's deceptively fun and easy to drive despite it's large dimensions. Of course, like the Coquette, others will simply out perform it but overall this is surprisingly balanced and a lot of fun.


Those are the cars I have the most experience with, I've driven them all. I like to think the hierarchy for the class looks something like this:


Tier 1



Tier 2

Jester + Massacro


Tier 3

Feltzer + Carbon + 9F + Comet


Tier 4

Alpha + Coquette + Surrano


Tier 5

Banshee + Fusilade + Rapid GT


Tier 6

All others


But really, the best advice as everyone has been saying is you need to find what's most comfortable yourself. While something like the Elegy is built to set the best times, it's not for everyone and that human element means everything (what feels best).

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I really appreciate it guys, thanks for your comments.

I took your comments under consideration and went online and bought the Entity (just gotta love that name :P )

And I fucking loved it, titties for the win! Erh I'll try again Entity for the win! :)

Now I've just been roaming around and have supplied my garage with an Tornado and a buccaneer, the garage looks good now :)

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