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I was out shopping today and saw this....




I immediately thought CREW COLOURS! 


Has anyone else seen something in real life, other than cars, that reminded them of DB or GTA in general? 


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I was coming home from swimming lessons with kids yesterday as saw a Brinks armored truck ...... if only I had a sticky bomb :ph34r:.

My kids are now picking out armored trucks on the road. Sometimes they watch me if I'm online.

Saw a police helicopter today, and almost tried to hit L2 and Left. MINIGUN!

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I was watching 'Collateral' on TV yesterday, and while watching it all I could think about was how much it resembled Los Santos, since it's taking place in Los Angeles. I could actually tell where they where on the GTA map from seeing the scenes...




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I was walking down to the school with my daughter to pick my son up, we could hear sirens in the distance getting closer, my daughter takes my hand and says "Mom, are the police looking for you?" To my shock and horror what, umm... think fast... the mothers concerned looks, all looking at me, waiting, tick tock.... "oh sweet heart has Daddy been playing his silly game again, and he's let you watch him play again? Well we'll have talk to him when we get home" I look around, "oh kids say the funniest things don't they." We all laugh hahaha, poor girl is confused.


There is a father at their school who is the double of Trevor, I'd noticed him on several occasions, really uncanny.... so one day after school my son spots him, he's about 15 feet ahead of us. "Mom, do you see that guy that looks like Trevor?",    "No, I don't know what your talking about"    All the while giving him the shut your mouth look.    "Mom, Trevor, the crazy guy, the one that's really messed up? the creepy guy? He looks just like him!!"    He missed the look and tact is not his strong point.    "No, I don't but sure we talk about it a ""home"""    "Oh come on mom of course you do, Trevor from your game? The one you play all the time? That Trevor?"  By this time we are at the crossing man along with crazy Trevor, who I am convinced plays GTA5 and heard my son, well in fact my son is so loud everyone heard him, knew my son was talking about him. I think this Trevor make in game Trevor look like a fluffy kitten. I was just so glad that the kids just high 5 the cross guard and we continue home and don't have to cross with bat shit crazy Trevor.  Needless to say His favorite toy has been threatened if he talks about gta outside of the house and for god sake no character spotting ever!!!

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...my uncle looks like nice version of trevor...those akward table conversations: "this coffee is good markus","want meth with that?","What?","oh i asked do you want some sweetener with that"


also everytime i got a small mail package that looks like one from martins missions (Rooftop Rumble) i cant help myself to mumble: "Matusware Has Pickup the Package"


and everytime i see cop car behind me and if somebody is with me i make: "i have one star" joke


or everytime i visit "seven eleven" i have this urge to say: "ill take Redwood and some eCola Please"


...i need to stop playing gta and start playing torchlight 2 more ;D

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