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Sunshine Raceway


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Sunshine Raceway


Sunshine Raceway North

Sunshine Raceway South



Hey crew !


Finally decided to give the creator another go.

I tried to make some kind of Grand Prix circuit with high speed straights and some more technical sections.

I also wanted to make a big track made of several small ones.

So along with the main circuit, I made two smaller ones : north and south section.


If you guys would be kind enough to try it and give me some feedback, that would be much appreciated !










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Ran all three of them with Troy and zmurko, and I must say I really like the route. But at the same time I feel like the props needs a lot of work, think I counted 11 or 12 different types of props on the longer race, which just gave me a weird feeling to it. But that's just my opinion and doesn't really effect the race per se. But what did effect the race were those lonely concrete barriers which kinda threw everyone off because we had no idea if we should go left or right of them, maybe remove some other props and re-enforce those places to make it more clear that your supposed to go to the right or left of it?

Another thing I were having a hard time with was those container-chicane's, felt a little tight going around them and the exit was kind of narrow.

Like I said, overall I think that it was nice and fun routes, challenging twists and turns, but it just needs some work to make it flow better.


If you want any help or if you want me to show you what I mean I'd be glad to do that.

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Thanks for the review desu. I actually agree with everything. I'm not satisfied with those races, especially because they're not flowing like I'd like them to.

I'll update those props but I must say I'm pissed at the 50 limit.

I'll try to use more of the same elements as you advised ;)

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