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As you may have surmised, I'm an Infiniti kind of guy.


I've sort of been following the idea of the Eau Rouge for a while now. Came across this interview that at least is a pretty interesting read, especially since there's a lot of Skyline and GT-R fans out there.



: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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Funny, the thing they brag about most is the power.


It can have all the power in the world but if the car can't handle it then it's power wasted, just like the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series.


The interior is very bland, it's noting but black, looks quite cheap.


I think Infiniti will start to produce better cars now with the big changes they have made but I think using it in the same sentence as a BMW M3 or the Nissan GT-R is brave considering it is just a protoype.


The team they have working on it are fantastic so who knows how good it will be.

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