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Help me with new race


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So for a future racing series I have in mind I need to make tracks with specific vehicles.

Sports Classics only, but I want to split them based on speed and acceleration.

Part of the series would only allow certain classics, while another part would be another set of classics

I need help grouping the cars

I figure Peyote and Tornado would be about the same

Monroe and Z-type about the same

What others would fit those groups? Possibly a third group?

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What is left? Jb700, Roosevelt, the stingers and manana?

Manana fits with peyote and tornado, jb700 and stingers with the other 2.

Roosevelt.....there's nothing similar

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I don't think the Z-Type can keep up with the Monroe anymore.  I believe it was nerfed, so I'm not sure when (or if) they will fix it.  Although the handling is different, I'd say that some Stinger drivers can keep up with the Monroe.  Peyote and Tornado are good together.  The Manana is about the same as those in terms of speed.  I think it's Dodge who uses a JB 700, and while I don't think it's as fast as a Monroe, it may be on par with the Stinger.  I'd put the Roosevelt in with the Z-Type (unless they restore the original settings).

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Manana with the Peyote and Tornado.


LN is right, the Z-type is no match for the Monroe anymore, none of the classics are.


Stinger and GT both as good as the JB700.


Same as LN again, try the Roosevelt with the Z-type but I know I'd rather drive the Roosevelt if only I didn't sell it.

I'd leave the Monroe out because otherwise everyone will have it, I know some don't have another classic but I know a lot have more than one.

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