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Does lowered suspension improve performance?


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I dont like to lower the suspension on every car as it spoils the look of some of them,but if it actually does improve the handling of the car then i would definitely do it.Does anyone know anything about it?

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I'm not sure about it improving performance but it certainly changes how the vehicle behaves over kerbs, uneven ground and on dirt roads.


I use competition suspension on all vehicles except Sultan, Sandking and BF Injection.


I leave stock suspension equipped to add Ground clearance for the Sandking and Injection and the make the Sultan less unpredictable on dirt roads.

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Theres a guy called Broughy1322 on Youtube with an extensive series of racing related videos from GTA5, car tests and comparisons, racing school, track tests, you name it:



Theres a particular video on mythbusting some of the car upgrades, which is interesting to watch:



I went all carbon on my sports car after watching it. (I can use any help I can get  :D )

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alot of help, thanks.. I wondered this too. Just always forgot to ask

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Broughy brought up some interesting points which I was about to illustrate, until I gave his video enough time to state exactly what I had in mind: the body kits, wheel choices - they don't really do anything. His differences in times as he noted are very likely due to the human element of this testing as his examples vary only ever so slightly (hundreds of a second really), that doesn't add up to concrete evidence for me either.


The handling files state that the cars have a certain mass, which is interesting but unfortunately the game doesn't play too heavily into that (carbon doesn't reduce weight, armor doesn't add weight).


I'm in the boat though that Custom Tires do have a slight effect of enhancing grip ever so mildly. This one may all be in my head but seems like it's at least recognized.


As he stated though some of these things are down right impossible to really know one way or the other. I feel if you think it makes you a better driver than by all means, more power to you and go for it. From my experience suspension seems to do what it's supposed to: lowers the center of gravity, slightly improving the ability to make tighter turns at the expense of ground clearance (this is noticeable IMO on the Sandking) and a stiffer ride (may not absorb bumps in the road as well).

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