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Crew on the same team


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This is something I have been thinking about and searching for an answer for weeks and months with no joy at all.


Sometimes when I join a TDM or capture hosted by XDBX the teams will be mixed up with crew members on both teams with randoms, other times crew members will be on the same team against randoms (making us really excited).


I have read and heard that 'team balancing' off is the way to ensure crew members are on the same team as the game will no focus on making the teams fair with rank, it will then focus on putting crew and friends together.


All well and good (if it works) but in a capture mode, team balancing is on by default


So in a TDM or capture is there a way to ensure crew members are on the same team?



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I've only heard the same as you, by turning off balancing. But I never really host these enough to know what I'm doing.

Same here

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