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The Van Society Guidelines

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Membership of the Van Society section of this website does not guarantee membership of The Van Society GTA Crew on the R* Social Club. Once we are happy you are a positive member of this group then a Van Society Crew invite will be sent your way. We reserve the right to terminate your membership to The Van Society section of this website and/or the Van Society Crew at any time without warning.

Private vs Public

Please remember that these forums are split into two parts. The VANS section is currently private, only members of this section (and Moderators) can see the posts made in this section. We may change this to 'read only'  in the future for non-members, if so we will warn members first.

The rest of the forum is public and for all crews to share and interact. We want to encourage this as much as possible, please remember though you will be representing VANS when you post.


We expect a certain level of maturity at our events. We often run events, mini-games or challenges that will involve listening to instructions and following rules; if people are talking over the host, shooting and punching each other these events, mini-games or challenges get delayed or do not work correctly. Respect the host and the other players.

When meeting up in free roam there is no need for players to be shooting, punching each other or damaging other players vehicles. As above this is disrespectful to the host and slows down proceeding's.

We have a few players who like to record Editor footage on GTA, please remember this when it comes to behaviour and actions like standing on cars.

We run many races in GTA format to swap and spawn in cars for players. During these races or while waiting for these races to start do not shoot other players or their vehicles.

Free Roam

When you encounter other VANS players in GTAO free roam do not engage in combat with them. if they are 'working' offer to help or just leave them alone. If you are in a situation where the game may force you into combat (free roam challenges, CEO work etc.) then communicate with each other so you all know what to expect.


When posting in the Van Society Crew section please apply common sense to your posts. We are planning on making our section public to read in the future. Our thread will always contain banter but be aware of language when posting. Personal attacks, racist and homophobic posts and material will not be tolerated.

As a general rule of thumb do not post something you would not be willing to say to a stranger in real life. 

The following are taken from the forum guidelines and are relevant to us,  the full forum guidelines can be found here - https://www.rockstarsocialclub.net/guidelines/

  • All information and instructions given within these forums is to be used at your own risk. By following or using any of this information you give up the right to hold rockstarsocialclub.net liable for any damages. 
  • If a topic is posted in a forum that is not appropriate for the question, the staff has the right to move that topic to another better suited forum.
  • Profanity is filtered on our website. Depending on the work it may be automatically altered or held for review. Purposely posting in such a way to get around the word filters will result in a warning or ban from our website.
  • When posting, please use proper grammar. Refrain from 'text-message' style substitutions of words like 'u' for 'you', and 'ur' for 'your'. This is a multi-national forum, and some of our non-english speaking members must use translation software which is confused by abbreviations. 
  • There will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discriminations.  This will not be tolerated and can lead to immediate suspension. 
  • There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other member, in a manner which is offensive or inflammatory. This includes flaming or instigating arguments.
  • Spamming is not permitted; please keep all your posts as constructive as possible.
  • p*rnography, warez, or any other illegal transactions may NOT be linked in any shape or form.
  • This forum has the right to request alteration or deletion of any offensive post. If this is not done in a prompt manner, the Staff will delete the material themselves.
  • Posts may be deleted for any reasons the forum staff deem reasonable.
  • Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit, offensive, or copyrighted.
  • Linking to hate, anti-Semitic, racist, p*rnography, warez, or other illegal sites is not permitted.
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