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leveling a new character...


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I have a low level (17) that my wife plays on from time to time. Its on my account since she refuses to play on hers. Anyway, if anyone is going to be doing any grinding on coveted or rooftop rumble let me know. I can use the money for my character and the xp for hers. Also anyone with the same issue who would like to trade wins on some races to get things unlocked,im down for that to. I just figured since iim grinding for cash but have everyth7ng unlocked on my main, its a good opportunity to level that second character. I should be getting back on in about 2.5 hours. (11:00) eastern. Hit me up, or add me on psn: garyingram

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anytime Gary, Im usually on during the day. We are in the same time zone

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If you can get her to play her account get her to join the crew gary

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Yeah!I also am trying to level up my secondary gta character by play coveted, but jot ranked high enough to get any sniper weapons and my stamina is too weak to attack head on, question if does anybody have a sniper rifle that they could give to me?

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