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If you have regular connecting problems...


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Put your PS3 in a DMZ (De-Mitilarised Zone).


I've kept mine in one since I played FIFA 11 and had a lot of trouble connecting to other players. I was in doubt if it made that much difference recently, but now I'm almost sure it really does. In these last few days I've had loads of problems of the sort "player no longer in session" when accepting invites or actively joining other crew mates. Today, after 3 failed attempts, I went to my network settings and noticed my PS3 wasn't in the DMZ IP no longer, probably because in the meanwhile I've switched from wireless to wired and back. I've corrected it, and managed to join the session I was trying in the first attempt.


For those who don't know, what this does is give your PS3 free reign to access the internet, bypassing any security bottlenecks your router might have. This would be dangerous with other devices, but the PSN tends to be a very safe place, never got a virus from it or anything of the sort through all these years of playing. What you will be doing in the tutorial is setting a static IP for the PS3 to connect (instead of a random one assigned by your router) and then going to the router configurations and setting that static IP to DMZ. It mans only devices connected to that IP address will be allowed the free-reign, so it won't have any impact in the security of your computers and such.


It's not that hard, I know very little about networks and their configurations, I just followed a simple tutorial, step by step, very carefully, whilst checking my router manual at the same time.


Give it a try if you're having too many problems.

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Got a link to the tutorial?

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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I'll have to check it out. i ended up getting  a new router from the provider (getting 3 up when supposed to be 20 up is not good) and moving the router next to the PS3 and hard wiring. Still have issues every now and then and will try this.


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Doesn't work for me, PS3 won't connect without NAT.


DMZ removes NAT so there is no chance of it happening for me, maybe it's my provider because on my network notes within the routers GUI it said that my network had received a level 5 warning for a violation at almost the same time I tried this, the only warning on the record.


Changed back now.

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I was going to start a new topic for this but reading now that somebody else has similiar problems i'll post it right here. For quite a while now (around the time i joined the crew) i had problems with joining playlists, jobs and freeroam lobby's with more than 4 people in them. Before i never had any poblems, but all of a sudden i always got session timed out error or diconnected from server error, i tried searching for answers on google and found a few wich i tried like setting up a static IP relink your psnaccount from socialclub and what not. But nothing seemed to work and so at a certain time i had quite enough (about a week ago) and was about to give up on GTAO.


Because of the crew and the hope that maybe with the next update (valentine, buisness update) my problems would be over i kept going on, playing only in closed crew session by my own. But like i said about a week ago i had enough, whats the point of being in a crew and playing online if youre constantly by yourself and cannot participate in anything. So i went troubleshooting one last time and here is what happend.....


(note i am a noob when it comes to internet stuff)


i spend the whole day figuring out (googleing) what to do. First i logged onto the social club and unlinked my PSN-account then i logged out ofcourse. I found a tutorial (i would post a link but its dutch) on how to set up youre internet the most favorable way for youre PS3. I wired my modem to my ps3 awhile back but that didn't matter for my problems, but its better for youre connection. Then i set up a static IP, set my DMZ host, set my nat type and finally i had to open a few ports (port fowarding). I tried to set open a few ports as said in the tutorial but for some reason when i checked if they were open on my static ip addres they were still closed. Diggin a little deeper online why i found out the cable company that i am with that provides the modem (UPC Horizon all in one internet, phone and digital TV) doesn't allow you to set ports open because they are afraid of hackers or something, there is a bypass to this problem but then you have to buy and setup another modem to it. You can imagine by this time i lost all hope and faith getting this ever to work.


However because when i logged into my modem it said that the ports were open i thought i give it a try to go online and play a little. When i got online i noticed my XDBX tag behind my name was gone, because i unlinked my socialclub to my psnaccount. Now i have relinked my account several times in the passed few month's but never before was my crew tag gone, so i joined a few jobs and suddenly i could play DM with 9 people in them  :o! I dindn't know what happend to me! So i linked me psnaccount back to my sociaclub, got my crewtag back and it still works a week later!! :D i can play activly with all of you now!!! B)



all in all my problem was easily fixed by relinking my socialclub, however you have to unlink it be patient for a while and when youre crewtag is gone link it back (ofcourse you have to be offline in the game every time you do this). All i ever did was log on socialclub click unlink an immediately link it back but then it doesn't work apparently.



now if youre thinking i read this whole text and all youre saying is unlink and relink with socialclub and youre problem is over, guess how i felt when i figured it out after month's of frustration <_<

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You cannot forward ports with DMZ active, theoretically it does this for you with the much reduced traffic.


Modems, hubs and routers supplied by your provider will not allow any of these changes, if you do you have violated their terms and conditions of the service.


At least in the UK it's not possible, unless I bought a new router which won't happen.

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I had the same issues FOR months, searched everywhere tried everything, wheather wired and wireless trying to fix it, finally I called my ISP who made me aware that my connection speed was slow due to my ethernet cable connected from router to ps3, so I changed it and Miraculously it worked lol so though both cables are basically new one secretly was subverting my gaming. The writing on the good ethernet cable says 'UTP VERIFIED CAT 5E PATCH CABLE TO TIA/EIA-568-B.'My setup is a Bridge/ Cable Modem to Router to PS3 via Ethernet cable,I set a DMZ mode IP, also changed my router default Lan IP address settings from to IP address to prevent any conflicts and I used Google DNS Settings primary and secondary when configuring my router settings. No more achilles heel.

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