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Online experiments...


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There are some experiments I wanna try online...

How many minigun rounds to bring down a tank?

How many players will the heavy sniper kill at once?

Will a Titan kill a player with a bounty on the ocean floor?

We could line up stolen cars and blow them up at once to see if we can make a XDBX logo visible from the sky at night.

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*with lab coat and holding something that seems to be new kind of stickybomb*



- i bet under 9000


- 2-3


- dont think so?


- only bad thing that when cars blow up they have bad habit of moving..


but i like these ideas

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So if I'm right (and this is where my brain starts melting) that would be 2030 to 2330 for me. That works for me boyo.

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youtube gta myth busters, some stuff may have already been busted.

Future is nothing but a series of probability




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maybe outlining xdbx with gasoline, and lighting at three different points might work. dont think cars will work

"You have enemies? good, that means you stood up for something in your life"


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