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A Pony for Matusware :)


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*after laughing his ass off*


This is What i have always wanted! i shall call her: miss bun bun, it has glitter and everything!, this is the best gift ever!

*takes xion to his bear hug*

i shall ride my new pony all over los santos while i shoot cops wearing horatios sun glasses, now how awesome is that

oh looky..it has a rainbow tattoo on her butt *pokes*

and and and and *pointing* and a ribbon on her tail too!

now...how do i park her to my garage?

emma* will be jelous now...


(*Emma = his beloved sabre turbo)

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Matus i heard you're a Brony. Is it true?

Duuuuude i Love Brownies, those little cakes of... wait Brony is same as Brownies right?...right?

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Is it armed?

*kicks the warhead and the weaker members faint* well with little duct tape, two packs of smoke, sixpack, glassfiber paste, 67 chevy`s carburetor, two hours and 20 bucks and we will have ourselfs a extra hot summer *looks where he kicked* ...and little Army Green Paint...

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