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In your IRL 10 Car Garage


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Aston Martin DB5

1968 Dodge Charger


1967 Ferrari 265 GTB4


Ford RS200

1970 Pymouth Superbird

Volvo P1800

Ford GT40

BMW E60 M5


Hard list to make


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67 Mustang fastback

201X Mustang Shelby 500

Ford F150 Raptor

Aston Martin Vanquish

Lamborghini (any)

BMW 7 series

Mercedes Benz AMG

201X Corvette

Ford GT

Ford Taurus SHO

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2014 Aston Martin Vanquish

2008 Acura TL Type-S

2014 Audi RS7 Sedan

2014 Cadillac CTS-V

2015 Jaguar F-Type R

2014 Maserati Ghibli

2012 Mazda RX-8 R3

2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG (tie with 2015 E63 AMG Wagon)

2009 Subaru Legacy GT

2011 Volkswagen Phaeton 

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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1 A Ferrari prolly the most expensive

2 Another Ferrari prolly the most rare (if the rarest aint the most expensive)

3 Another Ferrari

4 Another Ferrari

5 Another Ferrari

6 Another Ferrari

7 Another Ferrari

8 Another Ferrari

9 The latest Koenigsegg

10 McLaren Single Seater

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1977 Trans Am, 455 Pontiac engine version. My first car was this

1969 Trans Am, 1st year for the T/A

1973 3/4 ton Chevy 4wd truck, with 10 inches total lift on Rockwell axles with air lockers, 800HP 454, twinstick transfer case, 44 inch mudbogger tires

Any year Hearse with same options as above truck.

1969 Dodge Charger (General Lee replica)

1963 Corvette (only year with split rear window)

1965 Corvette (1st year for big block)

1953 Corvette (1st year for the vette)

1979 Chevy Monza Spyder with 400ci 400hp.

201x Toyota Prius (Fuel Economy)

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Audi A7

Audi R8

Since I imagine having a huge family, Audi Q5


Then the cars my family likes because I'm not a garage hog lol


EDIT: A7 hatchback, btw.

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Dodge Viper (favourite car in the world)

Corvette Stingray 2014

Ford GT40 

Lamborghini Veneno

Mazda RX-7

Saleen S7

McLaren P1

Chevrolet Camaro 2013

Acura NSX 2015

Kia Stinger


that about sums it up 

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McLaren P1

Zenvo ST1

Koenigsegg Agera R

Ferrari 458

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Pagani Huayra

Ford GT

Mercedes C63 AMG Black

Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS

Chevy Corvette Zr1

Or in replace of the Ford GT, maybe the Hennessey Venom GT. Not sure yet

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my list may sound wierd when compared to you guys but here we go


1# 1987 Honda Civic Hatchback - the very last of the 3 generation that was build in 1987

2# 1992 Dodge Viper RT/10

3# 1960 Cadillac De Ville 2D hardtop

4#  2008 Dodge Challenger

5#  1974 Dodge Challenger

6#  1981 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser - factory cray exactly 1981

7#  2012 Can Am Spyder RS-S

8#  1990 Harley Davidson Fat Boy (Exactly 1990)

9#  1974 Honda Gold Wing (GL1000 1974 - 1979 only)

10# 1988 Yamaha V-Max 1200 - (any year will do)

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Ok, I got this. Here goes.......

1957 Chevrolet bel-air

1956 ford f-100

1970 dodge challenger t/a

1970 Pontiac gto judge

1970 Plymouth superbird

1969 ford mustang boss429

1970 Chevy El camino ss454

1987 Buick gnx

1982 Chevrolet corvette

2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10

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Many of our European friends are picking American Muscle for their garage. This is very interesting. Many of the Americans are choosing European cars.

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only 10 cars, I'll have to not waste any room. 


start off with

1:  Monster truck. MAX D. with an tire option of 1980's toy tires a car called "the animal" you'll have to google that one.

2:  F1 car, Danica Patrick's latest. complete with Danica. Lights and plates so can be driven on the road. then again. f the police. that brings me to car #3

3:  Heavy armor plated car, fitted with guns and other cool gadgets. a car off death race style. all working ofc

4:  DeLorean. with working flux capacitor.  

5:  69 co-po yenko rs ss. hard top. 


too hard to chose the rest. all have to sleep on it again. 

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#1 ferrari 250 gto 1962 (stinger gt)

#2 bmw m3

#3 lamborghini veneno

#4 dodge charger 1969

#5 chevrolet corvette 1987 (pace car edition)

#6 chevrolet corvette c5

ill sneak in a few motorcycles to

#7 mv agusta f4

#8 honda cbr 600 rr repsol edition

#9 mercedes amg (i dont know how its called, two seater with a long nose)

#10 honda cbr 600 f4i ill make this a stuntcycle so I can practice wheelies and stoppies!

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#1 1971 Dodge Dart  (1st car - wrecked)

#2 2014 Chrysler 300

#3 1992 Porsche 911

#4 2014 Aston Martin db9

#5 1979 Fire fird Trans Am (3nd car - wrecked, 5th car sold)

#6 2015 Corvette (The first one that sold for 1 million on Barrett Jackson

#7 69 Mustang GT

#8 1939 Ford Tudor

#9 1974 Chevy Nova (car my dad bought when I was born)

#10 Harley VR 1000

"You have enemies? good, that means you stood up for something in your life"


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McLaren F1 

Porsche 918 Spyder 


Ford GT

Pagani Zonda

Ferrari F50

Ferrari 575 Maranello

Nissan 300ZX twin turbo (nm, already got that one)

Nissan GTR

Lexus LFA

Shelby Cobra

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