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Soon to be slightly updated for season 3!

• Each round your team leader has the responsibility to see who you are up against and to make contact.
• The crews can agree to play their match anytime during two weeks that the round lasts. We suggest the crews agree upon a time as soon as each rounds playlist is published. If there is no communication the hosting crew need to make contact. 
• As the host you have the responsibility to use the right playlist, run it as a H2H playlist or a regular playlist depending the format. Info about this will be gives each round.
• If your opponents do not show up at the agreed upon time your crew will be given a score based on the average of the other participating crews winning scores for the round.
• If a player gets disconnected during a job the player(s) will receive 0 point for race point jobs and the crews score for the combat point jobs (12 or 15).
• After the match, send lann3fors on PSN screenshot of each job or simply supply a link to A saved recording.
• No use of Bulletproof helmets of any kind and no calling Lester!
• No outfits with missing body parts are allowed. No glitched stuff like fast running similar is allowed.
• If a race is ran as contact by mistake make sure to race clean, finish the race and offer to re-run the race non-contact after the playlist.
• Team outfits are encouraged.
• Game chat is preferred in order to communicate if something goes wrong.
• Handle a loss like a win, with respect.

Added season 3, as we only count job wins, if a race scoring ends up a tie the winners crew gets the win.


Expectations on the host and both crewleaders:

  • Set a time for the battle, and make sure everyone in your crew show up on time.
  • Run the correct playlist either as a Head to Head or regular playlist depending instructions. It will alter each round.
  • Correct settings are to be used. Instructions will follow each playlist. If a race is set to contact or wrong class, complete the race racing clean. The host should then offer to re-run the race after the playlist.
  • Make sure your teammates know and follow the rules.
  • Have a back-up team leader to step up if you as the leader cant make it.


As a host you will need to know how to start the match. We have a short guide in place to help you. This is for the playlists that are to be ran as a Head to Head.

Adversary rounds are to be set to Matchmaking OFF in order to switch teams.

For regular playlists (not adversary):

Starting a Match in Clash of the Crews



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Clairification in place from today.

If a player breaks the rules by wearing a helmet in a combat job, calling Lester or breaking any rule there will be a warning. If it happens twice the player will no longer play in Clash of the Crews and any points gained by the specific player will be removed from the crews score. No exceptions due to excuses like "he did it first" will be accepted. If you see someone not following the rules just save a video.

As the crew/team leader you need to communicate this. Players should make sure they have an appropriate outfit on (without helmets) before joining PL. Then if you notice anyone wearing it in the pre-pl lobby, send them a friendly reminder. 

Disconnections or any sudden need to leave can happen. Of course you need to try and get another member in. But intentionally switching players during the playlist is not allowed. 

We had very little issues with players not being able to follow these simple rules in season 1, and when we did it was never a problem to handle and we did not see any players repeatedly doing it. If we run into any issues where we feel our judgement as both host and participating crew could be questioned we will ask VANS to step in a external judge (VANS was in season 1). 


Hide blip

The "Hide blip" losing perk is broken, it remains hidden longer than the expected 30 seconds and from my understanding for the entire job. Please do not use this perk at all until it is fixed, if ever. This can be abused by getting the perk on purpose and we see no other way than to implement this rule. It will be treated like any other rule. If you hit it by mistake, let it be known and go away from the TDM area until it returns. Your teammates will be able to let you know if its hidden or not. You may have to stay away for the entire job. The rule can be monitored by watching the last part of the game when all blips are to be visible, and if the perk is used it will remain hidden even then.

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