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What is Clash of the Crews?


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A GTA Online League for Crews.
PS4 with Assisted-aim.


The League

• Every round your crew will play against another crew in a head to head (H2H) playlist.
• Each round consist of two weeks and all crew H2H battles in a round will use the same playlist.
• Each round will feature a new playlist that will be presenter on the first Monday of each round.
• The H2H battles are played with 6 players (4 in season 3) from each crew, it does not have to be the same players each round.
• All playlists consist of 3 races (non-contact) and 5 combat type jobs (2 races and 4 combat in season 3)
• There will be a mix of land, air, sea and stunt races, but each week will hold at least one regular land race and different vehicle classes will be user, customs on.
• The types of combat jobs used will alter each week as classic TDM, LTS and captures don’t mix well with the adversary modes used; Power Play, Drop Zone, Kill Quota and Land Grab. (Alot more modes added in season 3)
• A crews score from each round is made up of the sum of its players scores. (No individual scores in season 3, just counting nr of jobs won)
• A screenshot of each jobs scores need to be provided, even better is if there is a steam (youtube) that can be used to collect the scores from. A recording is very useful if players get disconnected.
• During a season all crews play each other once before we head into the playoffs.





• Each round your team leader has the responsibility to see who you are up against and to make contact.
• Once in contact with your opponents you agree on a time for the match within the timeframe of the round. Each round lasts two weeks and ends Sunday 11:59 pm GMT.
• As the host you have the responsibility to use the right playlist, run it as a H2H playlist or a regular playlist depending the format. Info about this will be gives each round.
• If your opponents do not show up at the agreed upon time your crew will be given a score based on the average of the other participating crews winning scores for the round.
• If a player gets disconnected during a job the player(s) will receive 0 point for race point jobs and the crews score for the combat point jobs (12 or 15). (No individual scores in season 3)
• After the match, send lann3fors on PSN screenshot of each job or simply supply a link to the saved recording.
• No use of Bulletproof helmets of any kind and no calling Lester!
• No outfits with missing body parts are allowed.
• If a race is ran as contact by mistake make sure to race clean, finish the race and offer to re-run the race non-contact after the playlist.
• Team outfits are encouraged.
• Game chat is preferred in order to communicate if something goes wrong.
• Handle a loss like a win, with respect.


Expectations on the host and both crewleaders:

  • Set a time for the battle, and make sure everyone in your crew show up on time.
  • Run the correct playlist either as a Head to Head or regular playlist depending instructions. It will alter each round.
  • Correct settings are to be used. Instructions will follow each playlist. If a race is set to contact or wrong class, complete the race racing clean. The host should then offer to re-run the race after the playlist.
  • No more than 6 players (4 in season 3) join from each crew. If a extra player joins, one player in that crew needs to leave immediately. 
  • Make sure your teammates don't use helmets or call Lester.
  • Have a back-up team leader/host to step up if you as the leader cant make it.


As a host you will need to know how to start the match. We have a short guide in place to help you. This is for the playlists that are to be ran as a Head to Head.

Starting a Match in Clash of the Crews







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