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Cheapest Commidities


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I know not to many are playing this, but if you do or ever will and you need to buy commodities (if working on fleet holdings you will be buying them). 


I have been in all the quadrants of the galaxy to get the cheapest places figured out since using your replicator is the most convenient but most expensive way.


Ganalda station (Klingon)/ Starbase 39 Sierra (Federation)

Antigens - 400 EC

Astroprobes - 400 EC

Water Purification Systems - 300 EC

Weather Control Systems - 600 EC

Industrial Replicators - 600 EC


Drozana station (KDF & Fed) / DS9 (KDF & Fed) / Starbase K7 (Fed)

Warp Coils - 800 EC

Self Sealing Stem Bolts - 800 EC

Entertainment Provisions - 800 EC

Seismic Stabilizers - 1000 EC

Terraforming Systems - 1200 EC


Quonos (klingon) / Sol (Fed) / Both Dyson Spheres (KDF & Fed)

Medical Supplies - 100 EC

Provisions - 100 EC

Shield Generators - 75 EC

Communications Arrays - 200 EC

Industrial Energy Cells - 400 EC

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