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I thought I would clear the air regarding my racing in gta in general and an issue I brought up some months ago regarding racing and using the slight but sometimes significant boost we all know we get from the curbs on gta. 


Now, I don't want this to become an issue for me ever again at least here with you guys so I thought I'd explain why I've evolved with this issue as well.


Back then I was starting to get to know most of you that I play with today and you are all great players, cheers for letting me be a part of this. Moving on, I knew about curb boosts and personally(it doesn't bother me anymore, really, race whichever way you want :D) I felt bad about using the curbs to race against new crew friends that were still learning to race*

(we've all been there) and I brought the issue to the table.  


I just want to make this a non-issue from now on for me here, pledge that I won't use the curbs intentionally when I'm racing against any of you on friendly competitions and, lastly, try to compete my best to represent what I feel is a fantastic crew and a fantastic group of people(go away Trump), not giving a fuck if I'll use the curbs or not to win, if it can't/won't be agreed upon beforehand.


Cheers guys, I know this is/was a sensitive subject, but I feel it is/was important and sensitive for me as well. And I think I nailed it regarding political correctness. Digital age diplomacy 101 Trump ;)


*oh very important as well, again it doesn't bother me anymore but I got pissed as well seeing good racers doing the opposite I was doing. Nowadays I couldn't care less if I win 1st or 10th with you guys, but I do care about winning agains other crews and I'll try to improve my curb boosting while racing with them :D (if they do the same/don't bother)

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Please don't be offended, it's a small piece of my mind that I chose to expose...

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