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Is any one using the iFruit App?


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I downloaded it to my iPhone yesterday, so it would feel like I am doing something that has to do with playing GTAO when I am not on PS3 -- but it seems really confusing and not much fun!..

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I downloaded it to my computer as application, but I think I've only opened it once.  I want to eventually customize my plates, but I'm hesitant since you can only do it once.

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Only thing I used if for was making custom plate. Other than that I find it useless

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Same as Hatch, downloaded it for my plates, took about an hour to get my plate because strangely every way I tried to put my name was already taken.

Edit: Off topic a bit here but Has everyone stalked LSC, tatoo's, Warstock and various others on the Lifeinvader bit of RSC?


Some great discounts if you use them wisely.

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I downloaded it to my laptop (using bluestacks emulator) for the purpose of customizing my plates. Other than that it seems pointless. Even the plate customization is buggy as hell and counter-intuitive.













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