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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary 1#: Shotgun n Shark Card Theory


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Matusware`s Los Santos Diary



as i surf on forums looking for answers, most of the times i find same things all over again,

sometimes im interested, sometimes they are just words that have no value to me

as i was surfing i found a topic where someone was crying a river cause players do harm

to the game and to other players by using glitches, cheats and that sort of things..


my opinion is that. this is an two barrel shotgun with an shark card theory


First Barrel..

i think those that use things like godmode against other players or something similar to troll others or just bully around

or cheat to get some sort of upperhand when racing aint exactly fairplay.. it is most unfair and *that* harms the game

and people playing it all day,


and there has been topics how people with special cars and tons of glitched money are also doing harm to the game..

to me if somebody drivers around with fully customized adder it dosent really have any kind of impact of my kidney functions (to use odd metafor..) or if somebody has hacked himself and billions of $ that also dosent concern me

cause for atleast my point of view that just dosent harm me anyway it may harm you or somebody else but it dosent make my life any harder or easyer in los santos..


if somebody has glitched himself a tow truck or something that also fails to activate my care in any rate


if somebody has more money than me or better cars than me ok so let it be that way, im playing legit way and if somebody hacks himself a buzzard before me so it his his personal hell what he dose..

and i know this is all wrong and i dont approve cheating in anyway but bear with me on this


Second Barrel

while everybody is pointing fingers to those cheating bastards and each other and for those who have an "suspicious ranks" *with sarcasm* cause well no one can be over level 120 if he/she is. it must be hacking...yeah there goes the logic again...

and while this biting-own-tail goes on

no one seem to see what harm rockstar itself is doing..

rockstar while on its holy crusade against hackers is stabbing legit players like a sewing machine on turbo, rockstar have disabled replay function after mission is done and have made -50% rewards after mission is completed once plus all sorts cause: "players will not play same things, we want people to explore more content"..."people will explore more content" hell this is a GTA not an WoW ;D
all of this has bad results if you ask me...

cause now people are grinding the same 3-4 missions cause there is no other way to do money,

while they cut our choices and options to make money they didnt decrease the costs.

resulting some mission rewards dosent even cover the ammo and armor expenses cause the -50%..(tested this with ThePeto)

we cant sell cars non-stop, oh no no no, theres an cooldown for it.. game called grand theft auto lets you sell just some of the cars with time limit and you cant just steal any car and sell it or store it.. yeah.. Logic went out again with an bang :D

so all in all in their battle against hackers they are making legit players suffer more or less

im not saying that rockstar should throw money to us and that thanks to these i cant make money


i just want to point out the unnecessary restrictions that has been but on..

i just want to point out that while we are on our throats, pointing fingers to each other, blaming who`s doing the harm,

making reports of legit high rank player without any shred of evidence

we are ingnoring the biggest bully of them all...


Rockstar itself..


Shark Card Theory (thanks to ThePeto sharing his ideas about Shark Card Theory)

but to understand rockstars motives we need to understand few things.

rockstar aint making bad choices..rockstar is making choices it must do..

it has shark cards..

now at this point you are thinking what a fuck am talking about

but lets assume im totally sane person and unicorns are real..ok?

now lets continue

rockstar wanted to have mmo with microtransactions, while we are making money more or less legit way the shark cards aint exactly a gold mine for rockstar that has some sort of deal with sony about those cards, people arent interested of buying gta$ with real money, why should we buy em cards?.

after few minutes you have dollars worth of free gta$, so what rockstar can do?

they cut our ways to make money so we will be forced to buy their shark cards while talking bulldroppings about fighting a good fight against hackers and wanting us to explore the content..


 so we are smacked on the middle of war against cheaters were rockstar is hiding its greed to look like an undertsanding for what legit player wants while we are pointing fingers to wrong directions blindly..




Money has never made man happy,
nor will it,
there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness.
The more of it one has the more one wants.

-Benjamin Franklin

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You're right there is a lot of finger pointing going on concerning who's to blame but I actually think Shark cards are pretty cool for those who want the finer things in LS but also want them immediately, personally I have spent around £100 on them so far.


I wouldn't buy more Shark cards though as I now have the items I wanted.


I agree with what you have said about R* making legit players suffer due to hackers / modders / glitchers.

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I see this as a different way. I have not bought shark cards, or any paid dlc ever. It's not in my gaming budget. I don't mind one bit that this is available to other players.


Rockstar selling Shark Cards is a way for them to make money, plain and simple. What does that do for us? Well, we get added content for free in the Beach Bums, Valentines Day Massacre, and Business updates. In what may have been paid dlc in the past now seems to be free of charge.


And my though on if this is putting legit players against modders and glitchers? No. There is not much that R* could do to remove the war between legit players and cheaters and having these cards does not have anything to do with it. The people here have found a way out - joining a good crew or only playing with friends. Don't want to deal with god-mode characters or cars shooting rockets, then join your crew mates/friends in a private session. This isn't an ideal situation but it's the only way to solve it, unfortunately.

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and i must be a bit clear here, i dont think shark cards are bad things to have...sorry didnt clear that out..Sowwy..

good answers so far or opinions, furdog and davidcore89 you have my thumbs up ^^ *clicking like button*

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I personally would not buy a shark card. The game is what it is, I'll happily play it regardless of what the mission payouts are.

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I personally would not buy a shark card. The game is what it is, I'll happily play it regardless of what the mission payouts are.

good point

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Don't care much either way. It's an amazing game in my opinion, with a huge number of faults (mostly the exploitable glitches) that I will sweep under the carpet and attribute it to Rockstar's inexperience with multiplayer games. In regards to people who use glitches to kill you, whatever they are, I show no annoyance and just leave the session if you can't get to them, after reporting them of course. Showing you're somehow pissed off is the only thing that rewards these people. I do think that money glitches ruin the experience somewhat, by making the Economy of the game somewhat warped, but it isn't that major an issue. Cash cards are different in my opinion, they're an economic choice of the buyer. 


I fully enjoy the experience. And don't mind being poor. When I created my 2nd character I made her sweat for every penny, instead of using the main bank account to buy stuff. It was fun driving a Dominator and carrying nothing more than a handgun, submachine gun, and sawned off for a few hours. Didn't even want to buy the special carbine until I could buy similar stock weapons. Now she's got a Turismo, Jester, a few other cars (created her mostly to test this other stuff) and a nice 10-car garage 205k apartment. 


It's fun! If magically every glitch from the game was removed and the economy balanced, I'd love for a full cloud server reset along with a much ironed out GTA 2.0

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