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B'rel Retrofit Bird of Prey (T5U)


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If you have a Klingon character and have a B'rel BoP in your dry dock or whatever then you may want to consider getting an upgrade token for it and move it from the Tier 1 ship to the Tier 5 Upgrade ship. 


This is a great ship for PvP and PvE even though it has a weak hull, but when upgraded it gets an enhanced battle cloak, which will allow you to fire torpedos while cloaked (when you fire your ship auto decloaks, fires, and auto cloaks all within a few seconds. It will launch mines without decloaking.


So I have loaded mine with all torpedos and am using tactical consoles to compliment the torpedos and perform very well in PvP, In this set up you have to kind of depend on others with beam weapons to weaken the enemy shields and then pound their hulls with a scatter volley of torpedos without much worry of taking much return fire, but if enemy gets a tractor beam on you then you are screwed.

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