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Lazer Guidance (Tips to help with Jet Combat)


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In a race or deathmatch with the Lazer fighter jet knowing the abilities and limitations of the the aircraft and it's weapons can mean the difference in winning and losing. 


While I am not a good writer and as you read on you may find I skip around a bit I feel I can offer help. That said I am not an expert with the Lazer, but I have had very good success in matches with it.


I'll begin with the weaponry aspect of it as knowing what to use and when is critical.  If you were to watch me fly a deathmatch you will notice I almost never use the missiles for a few reasons. The number one is believe it or not is the cannon is every bit as powerful as the missiles just a shorter range. You may have noticed that when you are in a match and you get a missiles lock on yet your missiles fly by the target yet they did nothing to evade them, that is because you are to close to the target. The missiles may have locked on but didn't have enough time to track in flight. 

In fact most deathmatches in Lazer's are a close range turning battle and if you are sticking to your cannon all you need to do is hit a target with 2-4 rounds to put them down. If you are fighting inexperienced pilots they will be focusing on missile hits while you just lay down a constant stream of cannon fire and you will win 95% of the time.


Knowing when to use missiles has it's advantages, if you learn the effect range of the missile to hit a target and the flight path of the target you can nail them more often than not. If 2 Lazers are flying at each other nose to nose and you get a lock on you will miss most of the time, reason is the gap is closing fast from the time the radar started highlighting them green to the time it turns red and when you fire the jsts are already to close for them to track. What I do is when I see the green I flip over to the cannon and start firing in their direction, the green square merely allowed me to see exactly where they are. 

If they are flying away from you stick with the missiles as the cannon will not provide enough range.

If they are crossing your flight line this is a distance judgement call, to close and your missiles won't track them, to far away and the missiles won't follow long enough to hit them.

Cannons are far superior in deathmatches, in all the Lazer deathmatches I have done I can count my losses on 3 fingers because of the cannon.


Another reason to not use missiles in a deathmatch is, when you start tracking someone on radar they know it because they hear that beeping noise, with the cannon you can be right behind them and unless they are watching the minimap they will never know you are there.


In racing missiles take the advantage because all your targets are flying away from you with one exception, at the beginning stick with the cannon and do not throttle up, let everyone else get ahead of you, when the weapons come online you can litter the sky with plane parts with the cannon.


To avoid incoming missiles on a deathmatch, when you hear someone tracking you stay on your course, do not begin making erratic maneuvers just yet as your enemy will be attempting to counter your moves, instead wait till you hear the solid tone of lock on. I say this because when your enemy has lock on he/she fires, now they have no control over countering you. To evade the hit simple turning and rolling won;t help, you need to make drastic elevation changes as well as turning and try to turn into the missile as this will close it's tracking gap. In racing the same applies and it is much better to go off course than to respawn. Learn to do the Immelman turn (look it up) and a reversal of it you can avoid the missile and end up behind your enemy, cannon them and retake your position.


I don't have much to say on the controls other than to make a sharp turn, roll the plane on it side (knife edge) and pull back, but what most don't do it apply rudder in the direction to take the nose up, you will turn sharper and keep the plane level.


Practice flying knife egded and inverted, sometimes I will fly across the whole map upside down, it will help you from becoming disoriented when you need it the most.


A few last tips

don't waste money on body armor, it's useless in an exploding aircraft.

and in an Last Team Standing where you have one life, if you feel you are about to die, eject. If you survive you will be alive on the ground. find cover, good cover so the the other team has to land to get you, then pick them off as they get out of their planes.


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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Excellent info. I had realized cannons were best out of being owned in about the only Lazer deathmatch I've done, and it ended up with something like a guy with about 20 kills and all the others 3 or 4. He was using the cannons. That said, knowing when to use missiles is excellent.


Also recommend the single player flight school for whoever has trouble flying. Try to get gold on all, and that will mean you've learned how to control planes, helicopters and parachutes with simple and well illustrated exercises. Even the Immelman maneuver is taught in those lessons (they call it roll-of-the-top).

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Matusware Approves This Post *hits it with a stamp that says: Official Seal Of Usefull Things* ^^


Thank you sir

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Haha, thought it was a matusware guide it's that thorough. Was invited to a laser DM the other day by a guy called jet_jew4, who absolutely dominated, rarely using rockets. I'd never seen this before. Makes sense after reading this.

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I knew about the racing part (slow down at the start to destroy the others) but had never thought of using the cannons in DM.

Makes a lot of sense actually.

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I wonder how many use the cannons in the next Laser Quest / DM :lol: .


I try to use both but never considered the missile lock giving away my position.


Interesting stuff.

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