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The Rumdig - saying Hi!


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Hello fellow batterers, Lol that sounds good, I'm the newest boot off the street so to say. I must admit, after reading several testimonials and other crew related content on here I just can't wait to play with you all (in a non sexual way that is)

About me...hmm..I'm 32 ( I think, I was 27 for many years!). I usually try to stay away from games due to getting addicted. GTAO is definitely a fun addiction so I'll let it slide. I've been playing non stop since January (yes, didn't buy the game till then) and still loving it. However, over the past few weeks I have been getting slightly burned out. This is likely due to all the crap talk in the lobbies, damn thugs, along with crappy racers wanting to play demolition derby instead of race. I haven't really been a part of a crew, I've joined them but that was just about all of my involvement. Let's just say I haven't really made any great connections...and that brought me here.

You sound like a great group of fellow gamers of which I'm be more than happy to join. Looking forward to meeting up and beating on people, the domestic battery way!

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Welcome rumdig. Beer and Cheese? Hmm...yeah ok

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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"getting addicted. GTAO is definitely a fun addiction" *with an blank impression on his face and with Ricky James voice* Gta Online is a hell of a Drug,

Welcome to the crew im Matusware im your tour guide, theres our great cheddar himself *points at crew leader* theres our commissioners aaand theres our lieutenants those over there are crews representatives *waving his hand on their direction* Yo.. and here you see rest of the punch the muscle of the crew..*after small pause* ..did ya mention something about *beer* and cheese? Pi$$washer and Cheddar? hell you can add me on your friend list

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I knew from day one this game would be intolerable if I didnt disable the voice chat. I was very relieved to see it could be set to friends/crew only. 


Haven't changed it back since. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't do this.

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Hello everyone! I noticed y'all have a badass crew and it'd be great to tag along in the shenanigans of Domestic Battery :D

Just as soon as my boss stops overworking me...and the garden quits growing so damn fast, I'll hop on and see about this whole vetting thingy.

Looking forward to getting my ass kicked by you all :lol:

Oh yeah, I'm on ps3 still (only Cuz Jag hasn't shipped my ps4 yet) ;)

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