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Arruda AKA Azorean9


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Hello lads.


I've been playing GTA Online since the beginning. Only ever had one crew, which is a group of people from a football (soccer in case you're American) forum. Thing is, it's not very active any more, and we get lucky if there's 4-5 of us once per week. Since I adore this game, and it's funnier to play with other people, I'm looking for a new crew to join.


I'm not a hardcore gamer and am assuming this crew plays in auto-aim servers. If that's not the case I'm afraid I won't be able to join as I've never been good with shooters and am not willing to take the learning curve to become as good at free-aim as I am with auto-aim (which is probably slightly above average).


About me:


In GTA Online:

- My PSN ID is Azorean81 and I've sent the request to join through the Social Club. Found the crew through GTA Forums.

- I have two characters, a male main one, and a female alternate one, lower level. Whichever I chose depends on my mood and whether I want to look at the guy's mustache or the girl's buttocks.

- I play GTA a lot, so you can expect me to be a reasonably active member. I may go a few days without showing up, depending on how much my work and love life allows, but on average I'll probably put in over 20 hours per week. 

- When enough of the football crew lads are logged in, I might switch the active crew to theirs and hang out with them for a while, as they're a bunch of people I enjoy playing with and developed some kind of friendship along these months. I hope that won't be a problem.

- I almost always use a microphone (except when it's recharging or my head aches), and speak/understand English fluently. I'm Portuguese so my accent may be a little off.

- I enjoy doing everything GTA has to offer. I love the game for it's variety. That includes free-roaming and the random opportunities it provides, deathmatches, races, golf, parachuting, whatever there is to try out. 

- I enjoy helping lower-leveled players in whatever they require as long as it doesn't involve any sort of glitching. Am always up for the occasional Coveted grind if people are in need of money or to help avenge any attack upon a crew-mate.

- My playing ethos in Freeroam is that of a hardened professional criminal. I don't go looking for trouble but if someone shoots me than I'll hang around and won't back down from a fight. I never shoot first unless they have something I want, like a bounty or a Simeon vehicle. I assume Rockstar puts those blips on our radar for a reason :)


On a personal level:

- I am male, 33 years old. Friends (and non-friends) call me Arruda, which is one of my surnames.

- I live in Porto, Portugal, where I study at University, and my home is in Azores islands, a small and beautiful archipelago off the coast of Portugal.


Looking forward to being accepted and seeing what the crew is all about. Greetings to you all, and my apologies if it's too long an opening post.

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Welcome to the crew, Most of us are auto aim, some free aim. It has been mentioned to play free aim one day a week since the FA players change to do crew things, that way there is a bit a turn around there. 

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Welcome to the crew, Most of us are auto aim, some free aim. It has been mentioned to play free aim one day a week since the FA players change to do crew things, that way there is a bit a turn around there. 


Thanks. Won't mind trying, but my right thumb sensibility has always been a disgrace :)

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Welcome. And just so you know, It's soccer, not football. JK. Glad you are here. And DC89, no comments on the football, hand egg thing again. We've been through this.

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I've played with you a little bit and like playing with you.....we have a similar demeanor with the mic.


Thanks for taking me under your wing the other night and showing me Coveted and spending some time with helping me improve (sorry an obligation got in the way and cut our time short).


Glad to see another footy fan onboard too.

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Hey everyone!


Just to let you all know that I miss playing with the crew. It's just that I'm one of those "all or nothing" types when gaming, and after a short break on GTA to try other games I had to shut down my PS3 all together and go cold turkey on it. Some real challenges on my "career" to get over. Worst it's over, and I think I'll persevere, so good times!


Hopefully I'll be playing again regularly soon. Might log on this weekend to buy some new stuff but I won't be until August until I'm a regular in crew events again.


Hope everything is ok with every single one of you, and am sure we've got some excellent new members whom I'm looking forward to meet and play with soon! 

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Hope to see you soon, havnt played with you at all as of yet.

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"You have enemies? good, that means you stood up for something in your life"


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Welcome back (maybe in August) - lot more EU members since you joined and always good to have a proper football fan on board - non of this egg shaped rubbish :-)

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This is so weird I went on your profile on RSC today wondering where you were :)


I did the same, and wrote him a message. :D




Arruda, great to see you again, and taking care of real life should always be number one, so I understand where you're coming from.


It'll be great to have you back though--there's a lot of new races and TDMs around here, so you'll have a lot of catching up to do. :)


Hope things are going well for you.  Cheers! :)

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