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August, 18, 2016

[PAST] My Career in the Arts of Team Deathmatch and Regular Deathmatch

     We're all good at something in GTA Online, whether it be races, pvp or the cliche "balance in all aspects". My skill lies in TDM/DM, not so much Freemode due to the constant encounters with greifers, modders, or simply better players. From the start of online, I took interest in pvp that takes place in a certain area of Los Santos under rules. It wasn't that long until I got the hang of pvp and I kept playing it everyday and as a way to make profit online. Sadly I took in what I had to unknowingly, as it was the prime of TDM/DM. As GTA Online introduced Capture, I begun to see invites to cash/RP captures, but that wasn't all. I began to receive invites to cash/RP TDM/DM. Every random TDM/DM I joined only to these spawntrap-gamble-type gamemode that offer no skills besides profit and a way to pad your k/d. It was rare to receive invites to them beforehand, but afterwards, it was normal to join several times in a row to them. At that point, I was scared to join anymore deathmatches, at the same time angered of what had become of it. As a result, I chose to grind contact missions instead, and unfortunately I was rusty by the time I came back. When I came back, I had lost strategic ways to move around the map (continues to this day), often thinking about going for a kill without a second thought of the aftermath. I had also begun to adapt an instinct to roll first as soon as engage which is bad since, my enemies can simply wait for me to finish, and then initiate their combat roll. Lastly, I begun to back out of matches before they started as soon as I spotted high ranked randoms which still continues today. My paranoia in suspected modders still haunts me virtually to this day. Many other things also surfaced which I'm only going to name one that stood out. The explosive machine guns won't kill other jets for some reason due to lag which is the main reason why I quit jet combat. As time moved onwards, I still bare the scars of my weakness, and still in the progress of becoming what I once was.  When I reached a point where I felt comfortable in pvp, things took a turn for the worse when I started experiencing sticky analog sticks for both analog sticks. Normally someone could fix it no problem, but my controller's warranty had long expired and I was afraid that I might damage the motherboard if I tried to fix it. It really put a dent in snipping, especially the DMR which I almost never use. Through practice, I was able to at least feel comfortable with the heavy sniper and the story fast forwards to when I met this crew. This is where my skills in pvp lay in a balance; I can improve but I wouldn't have much time so I'd lose practice and I never performed horrible due to my past habits. My career lays here, now what are you good at XDBX?

[PAST] One Year Ago

     Things change quickly, as if it was yesterday. Today was nothing like "yesterday". Approximately one year ago, the time when I joined Domestic Battery as a novice, the PS3 side was fairly healthy. Long story short, it's like the PS4 side; decent amount of players, as well as many events to accommodate that many. I know I shouldn't be saying this and should be said by the more senior members of XDBX, but I seen the crew change with my own two eyes. I seen a decent amount of attendees decrease to a mere handful while the PS4 side gains many more. I seen events cancel one after the other while the PS4 side creates more diverse events. It was fun and worth getting on an hour or two before the event started, it was fun constantly joining as many events as I could. Unfortunately "fun" wouldn't last long... for me that is.

[FUTURE] The Future of the PS3 Side of XDBX

     Sometimes situations gets more dire and dire. When you tried your best to change something for the better to no success, you begin have doubts of whether or not to continue. That I can say for the PS3 side. When comes PS3 crew events (not so much plural today), instead of the sounds of gunshots every few seconds, the sound multiple engines revving up letting out a roar that shakes the skies, it's mostly quiet. Putting hours into finding the right players, ones that would stay to break the silence, lead to a count of zero. Time and time again I wonder if it's worth fighting for, if I should take the easy way out and just retire. I'm out of options at the moment. Hosting various crew-created jobs and playlist in attempt to advertise just seemed like another job or playlist to the eyes of the randoms, even if you named the title of the playlist "Please join XDBX", etc, not much players pay attention to your intentions. Informing those that joined about the situation of the PS3 side of the crew and asking them to join lead to no replies. It's rage inducing if you put hours into it, only to get nowhere, which was what I endured. With four or less RSVP on the only crew event running for the PS3 side being the norm, you can see how worried I am for a crew that says its a "PS3 and PS4 crew". Not much future PS3 players will find that attractive and stay, assuming they do join. The ratio between PS3 and PS4 players that do join are vastly separated by a gap-a huge gap. That means for a PS3 that joins and stays, it's miracle in my eyes. However, as the time goes by I wonder what will become of the PS3 side. Will the PS3 no longer become apart of the crew I call home? And if I'm around to see the outcome.

[FUTURE] Power Down

     We all have to move out of gaming someday, I mean occupation wise (unless someone wants to become a game developer or something). As I move up a grade, and for sure other XDBX members may have seen what I said, my time online is limited. That means I won't be able to play, as well as co-host the only PS3 event running at this moment. Even before, I was limiting my time to weekends, and it seems it won't be enough. To make more worse, when I reach Grade 12 next year, it most likely means I'm going to be putting down the controller, if not then by University for sure and my console will be collecting dust for a hobby. Will I keep in touch with the crew? Most likely not by University, perhaps once a week, but I have to see. As I said time and time again, the PS3 side is declining and nothing can stop it. Domestic Battery claims it's a "PS3 and a PS4 crew", yes true, but the ratio between PS3 players and PS4 players is a huge difference. I intend to keep that claim true. Finding players is the only solution I can do and even that isn't efficient; so much effort, only for nothing. I plan to do what I can to keep the PS3 side strong, but I'm a predicament here. Not much PS3 players join in comparison to the PS4 players, and those that might join may not stick as long (the recent PS3 members speaks for themselves, no offence to the newcomers) since there's only one event remaining. That and I have a limited time of approximately one year to do so before I may have to quit gaming and pursue my occupation in the field of medicine. I hope that when I do leave that there will be a decent amount of PS3 players to continue keeping the PS3 side up and running, as well as a sense of peace. Now I guess people understand why I co-hosted Rich's Hell... It can be hard at times when there's less than four RSVP's, even as someone who joins as a attendee, but at least someone's on so that the event is up and running. The last thing I want to see is the crew becoming a PS4 only crew...


August, 19, 2016

[PAST] An Embarrassment to the Eyes of the Modders 

     Yes, I lose. We all lose, dominated by the winner. But some became victims of modders at least once. That's what happened to me, and I made a decision that I still stand by. It wasn't too long ago when this had happened, about a month. I was hanging around in a solo session when a friend a call Geo requested that I join his lobby. Apparently he and a couple of his friends were engaging enemy modders, and so I immediately left to join his session. If only I knew what I was getting myself into, because there would be only one winner, and it was sure wasn't me.

     When I entered the session, it was already chaotic. The kill feeds were constant, explosions here and there could be heard from miles away. I had to get to my destination fast before I became a victim of wannabe-MVPs, and so I did. Arriving at the beach past the carnival, Geo and his friends were in a heated battle with other modders, three to be exact. We had them outnumbered by a player, and I started off by killing a ranked 90-something. It didn't take long for things to take a turn for the worse, unfortunately Geo and one of his friend lagged out, leaving me and his remaining friend, Patg to fight the modders. It was hell. Getting one-shotted with perfect accuracy made me sweat out of frustration, every time I landed a hit with my heavy sniper, I was shot dead only to see "X committed suicide". They were using every dirty trick I could think of in Modders 101: modded rolling, aimbot, one shot, as well as closing off any gratification I could've felt by committing suicide. Eventually, they got another of their friends to join, and he assisted them via a hydra. Frustrated, sweating, and clouded with thoughts, I ultimately made the decision to go passive. I hated surrendering, especially in this case. To add salt into the wound, their pilot started running me over with his Elegy while I was texting Geo of what had happened. I also recieved a message from a random asking if I was a modder. I sometimes wonder if random players are virtually blind to distinguish the difference between a legitimate player and a modder in the same place. I raged quit afterwards, not because of a blind accusation, but from utter defeat, I had lost. An embarrassment and a win to the eyes of my victors. That loss was not what you feel in TDM/DM, it was total domination, everything thrown against you, and that's how freemode is-no rules. Continuing to text with Geo, I asked it him to never invite me to anymore freemode rampage again. I'm forever scared of instigating a battle against a modder, and any future encounters with suspected modders will result in me leaving. While others would say that I was sure to lose from the begining, despite my disadvantage, I joined to assist a friend. I would try to keep mutual friendships continuing for as long as I could, but most of the time they don't last either due to inactivity from my end, or the console barrier. Deciding that killing in a public lobby was attracting modders as well as serious players, I almost never participated in anymore freemode killings again.

A Never Ending Cycle

      Another night, another chance to log on. Why even bother logging on in the first place. Logging on to only four people online, one of them being the only XDBX member playing GTA, it was time to recruit. Grand Theft Auto Online seems to get more boring each time I log on; the same routines all over again. Trying to satisfy my boredom, I spent a little over fifteen minutes quick-scoping the LSPD officers, no-scoping as well as made a short video of how to roll with the minigun. After play time was over, I create a short playlist with the title "Please Join Domestic Battery". What's the point? No one's going to notice it, or take it seriously. Starting it up, I waited for the first player to join. It was a long wait. The only XDBX member, Jjss is probably busy, but I'll let it slide. Ten minutes in and only one player joins... Speechless. Then again that's normal over here. Eventually I manage to get a player count of four; the bare minimum to launch the first job, Border Wars. My adrenaline was kicking in. TDM/DM felt like a drug that gave me pleasure despite being one of the only few XDBX members to still have a PS3, never mind the only ones still playing on it. Kicking the enemies team so hard, that I nearly tripled their score, everyone left as soon as the next job loaded. We were just only getting started give me a chance... I left as soon as I saw the feed, it's no point. Hosting Border Wars again as an individual job, it repeats what I described earlier. Looking back I think no one will join most likely because I dominated the match. Now I think I'm starting to distaste random players, because all I wanted to do was inform them that I'd appreciated if they join. I guess that won't be the case. Now alone and frustrated, I decided to do a few contact missions with the restriction that I must quick-scope. Ending it off because I'm back to square one, I logged off. I imagine that the next time I log on, it will be on Prodigy and Rich's Hell where it'll be the same as last time, or maybe I'll be the only RSVP attending. The cycle never ends.

Modders in Disquise

     Some modders like to make it obvious that they're modding. Smarter modders try to mask themselves in different ways. One of which is changing their rank to a low rank to give the impression that they're new to the game. One did a good [bad] job this time. I never suspected anything suspicious, until it was too late. 

     With the unofficial cancel of this week's Prodigy & Rich's Hell due to the lack of RSVPs, I stayed in an invite only lobby in hopes that maybe a last minute RSVP would pop up (not like it would happen anyways). Spending sometime in freemode learning how to quickscope with the heavy sniper and free aim with a musket, I decided to host Border Wars once again and call it a night. Little did I know I would stumble across a modder in disguise. Minutes of waiting a ranked 11 joins, who would then later reveal his true colours. I have a criteria that filters most potential modders out, however it's not full proof. High ranks would often be kicked, any bulletproof helmet or invisible outfit would be kick on sight. I'd also take a look at their k/d. Now I know that k/d's don't represent skills, and often manipulated in this game, but it often helps in routing out modders or griefers. Unfortunately, not a lot of players were joining, so I left. I re-hosted two more times and the same ranked 11 joins. I was beginning to wonder why he was joining me many times in a row, after he left the same amount of times. Since no one was joining, I grew tired of waiting and left online and enter once more as a last attempt to get some players to join. Again the rank 11 joins. Luckily other players were joining, two of them were high ranks. I decided that I'd wait for more players to join so that there'd be more chaos in the match and secretly as well to be put on the same teams as the high ranks so that I don't have to deal with the annoying bulletproof helmets they might try to pull off on me. When I launched the job with a total player count of eight, I was put on the team with the rank 11 [thankful that I wouldn't have to face an invincible aimbot later on] a rank 200+ and two low ranks. As soon as the match started, I know what I had to do... Grab the heavy sniper rifle while on my way to the buzzard near my spawn. I had to take out the enemies buzzard while practicing my ability to snag kills with the buzzard. Killing the enemy in the buzzard as well as two more players back-after-back, before going down-I done my job. Now it was time to unleash hell. Picking up the advance rifle and a grenade launcher upon spawn, I was killing players one after the other. Meanwhile the rank 11 was also getting kills-fast. Brushing off aside as a player on his second character, I didn't suspect much until I noticed that he "double combat rolled" in the background of the "wasted" screen. Was it lag I thought to myself? Was it just pure coincidences? Letting it slide, I kept a keen eye for the slightest hint of potential mods he'd pull out and proceeded to kill. Indeed I was right. Standing still for a few seconds, I knew that he had something up his sleeves. He spawned a tree on my character for no apparent reason. I didn't do anything to tick to guy off except killing just as many players as he was. After dying for the third time, the tree stood in place where I died. Sadly he wasn't done. A minute or two later, he spawned something that would be visible to everyone in the map. He spawned a ufo on my character. By that time two players on the opposite team had already raged quitted after getting demolished by him and failed to kill him even once. I was feeling a mix of emotions, mostly frustration and fear. I was frustrated because he targeted me, his teammate. Not once did he ever target my other teammates or the enemy team, only me. "What did I do?" I thought again. That was where I assumed that he was upset that I was hogging kills, the range of where I got my kills or simply the way I killed my enemies. I admit that I was killing a lot people and dying way less. I admit that some of the kills were from range with a grenade launcher and some were from strafe snipping which was not what a lot of randoms would do in a snipping situation. However, something tells me that he sees me as an opportunity to mod and blame me for modding. Wiping out my iPad, I recorded a short clip of the match where I'd post it on the XDBX website for others to see. After doing so, I tried to take the easy way out by blowing myself up. No use. The ufo was blocking me from killing myself. In the midst, one of my teammates asked who was modding. I replied that it was the rank 12 (he was constantly changing his rank, because during the match, he was ranked 12, but after he was rank 20). At least some randoms don't jump to conclusion that I mod. Meanwhile, I still had to get the ufo off of me. Improvising, I opened my interaction menu and luckily I was able to take the easy way out from there. When I spawned the ufo lies where I died, just like the tree. After the match ended, I immediately "disliked". The ranked 11 also "disliked", serves him right. I immediately left, not wanting to deal with the silent drama that had risen. I respected the two remaining enemy players for sticking through the whole massacre, they're the real soldiers of this battle. Spawning into freemode, the aftermath still lies. The ufo is still there. I also took the time to message the player who asked me who was the modder just in case he didn't recieved my reply via the in game phone. No reply afterwards. At this time, many of you fellow readers who tell me to report the guy. I'd frown at you. Even if you go out of your way to report them, as well as going onto Rockstar's support page to further your report... It's no use. Over here, modders can just easily unban themselves or simply make a new account to by pass temporary bans. Many of you know that online is free and the anti-cheat system is garbage over here which plays a factor in many players getting away with bans. Tired, frustrated and experiencing a headache, I logged out. I'm tired of modders.

August, 30, 2016

For Once I Smiled

       All I ever wanted was some fun pvp that wouldn't interrupted by an invincible player. As you the reader may have noticed from my previous entries, "modders" is an underlining antagonist. We have little help over here. There's no secure way to get rid of them, even bans are weak. Many modders can simply unban themselves and continue to ruin other's experience. One way to put it, they're like MRSA, a drug resistant bacteria that isn't affected by antibiotics, our bans in this case. As a result, I was paranoid of any players suspected of modding. After months of killing players, I slowly strayed away from particular kinds of players. The high ranked players. The modder epidemic on the PS3 side had long already affect those still on here, many branding high ranks as modder upon sight. I'm one of them. During my time of fear, I preyed on lower ranks, ones lower than rank 100. I had to minimize everything I could of encountering a modder. Any high ranked players or any indication of suspected modders would result in a kick. Occasionally I'd participate or host TDMs that I really enjoyed. These matches made adrenaline surge through me, that I don't feel for the majority of the time. This match, was one of them.

     Kill of the month. The reason that drove me online in the first place. The name is self explanatory; get a good kill or more and hope that your video of proof is selected. I've seen many gratifying kills on my screen ranging from a double kill with a sniper bullet, to a grenade launcher kill on a buzzard and hoped that I'll deliver a gratifying kill once more. Putting together a crude support composed of a blanket and pillow for my iPad, I was disappointed of it form the get go, but started recording anyways. Hosting Border Wars due to the open map it offered, many players joined to my surprise, amoung them, a rank 200+. Checking to see if he fits my criteria of suspected modding, he wasn't. Now I was conflicted, not because I suspected him of modding, but because I wondered if we'd be enemies or allies for the match. I also pondered if he will put up a good fight if we were enemies. It was determined after I launched the job with five other players on board-we were enemies. I was paired up with the two lowest ranked players, while the enemies composed of the rank 200+ and two rank 70-80. It was a somewhat perfect balance at first, but turned out to be a below average team balance during the match. My teammate served merely as support and only support during my darkest hours while each individual on the other team were delivering heavy resistance whilst operating as a group. Now I knew that this was going to be a challenge, not even two minutes into the match and it was fierce and intense. Both teams were constantly neck and neck, while there was a kill feed every few seconds. Finally, in less than a month was a match that I actually found myself trying as hard as I could. I was so focused that when I died on my first death, I muttered the F-word. In addition, when my father came to check up on me, I raised my voice in attempt to get him to leave, not before turning off the recording before he came to my room, I didn't want voices interrupting the recording. He still came towards me anyways which resulted in me trying dodge his hugs and accidently hit his cheeks. I apologized half-minded and upset that he'd try to hug me while I'm distracted. Looking back, I wondered if I should be classified as a stereotypical fourteen-year old kid or a teen that fusses over a game. I was that focused. Kill after kill, I was single-handedly murdering both him and his teamates to the point where I found myself in constant need of either RPG ammo or grenade launcher ammo. My teammates providing suppressing fire and a distraction to the enemy team while I racked up our teams scores. At the same time an enemy was hard to kill in many situations since I'd be focused on one target while the rest where shooting at me, my teammates receiving it most. Some of the times, I'd be in a one-to-one stand off with the rank 200+ where we'd be combat rolling until one of us dropped. Every kill resulted in a millisecond of satisfaction, every death resulted in the sounds of mashing on the "X" button to get back on the battlefield as soon as possible. When the match meet its conclusion, I was at my peak. Adrenaline was pumping inside me as the match neared its end. I could say the same to the other team. Both teams gave it their all, however there can only one winner. Our team wasn't the winner. Off by one point, the victory was given to the enemy teams; a very close match. I wasn't upset that I lost, but happy that I participated in a good match. Racking up nearly fifty kills and ten deaths, I felt gratified that I could be a threat to the enemy team despite the poor team balance. I thank both my teammates and the enemy for making it happen. For once I smiled at a lost.

September, 8, 2016

My Life

    The first day of school had just started and I'm excited with what the year has in store. Although, I'm starting to grow worried about not being able to get the subjects I want next year in Grade 12. I want to go into the medical field, but at the moment, I have enriched pre-calculus (Grade 11 & 12), enriched biology (Grade 11 & 12), physics and chemistry. I want to finish AP biology, chemistry, pre-calculus and physics by the end of grade 12, and to get into AP, I must complete the grade 11 and 12 courses. The reason that I want to go into the medical field is because my parents are getting sicker and sicker. Most notably, my dad has a tumor, which can escalate into cancer, and my mom mentions from time to time that she's dizzy. In the last five years, she has fallen unconscious about three times and I'm worried about both of them. Meanwhile, as I focus in school, I won't be able to host as much or play as I used to. The first day had already given me insight as to what the school year will be like, as well as the future, and in short, it's going to be stressful. My Phys Ed teachers went through the intro for the class, and they mentioned that we have to have at least three hours of "out of class" activities. That means I might have to wake up early and head to the gym in the basement of the school to do so. Not only that, I'm in Physics, a subject that I did poorly on in enriched science last year. I had gotten a fifty percent on a test which is why I'm nervous if I'll surpass a dedicated course. Coming home with two stressful and time consuming homework that I'm still not finished, I'm already starting to get frustrated. I must get back to work ASAP. That's just insight of what's going on in my life, and gaming is not on my mind right now. Looks like I'm not able to game, and say good bye to sleep, because more difficult homework is yet to come.

September, 19, 2016

    It's been a while since I last logged. Sadly there's nothing for me to report on that was significant. Loads upon loads of homework that takes up hours of my day, even into the AM's. There's not much room for gaming. I also promised that I'd try to advertise the crew on PS3. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do so. I didn't expect homework to become common and difficult, and worked really hard just for a tommorow. Every day I go to class with my work done pretty much at the last minute [not so much a "last minute" since I tried my best to ensure its completed and to the best of my abilities]. This is going to be one hectic school year for me.

November, 6, 2016

     It has been a while since I last updated this. I underestimated the effort I had to put into school. With report cards around the corner, I hope and pray for a good mark. Sadly praying won't do. I found out my mark in Physics. 79. Why can't it be 80. Good by distinction. It's all because of the labs. I was grouped up with students in order to complete the lab. Sadly they weren't the best. I hate to talk trash, but we were disorganized. I felt like I was doing all the work. That was why we did bad on the assignments for the lab which brought down my mark big time. With that, I find it harder to to come back to gaming. Once I put my mind into something I pretty much become committed. Coming back to gaming seems like a hassle. 

     I had to step down from hosting the event, Prodigy's Hell, formerly known as Rich's Hell. It's been over a month since I last hosted, maybe more. School work and all -- simply stressful. I find myself coming back to this time and time again. It seems wrong for me to have my name on an event and not host it. It's no excuse. For someone to take up the spot as host and not host seems like a fraud. I choose to do something about it. I don't know who'll replace me. Which is why I'm worried. If no one steps up, this event is cancelled. That means the only event on the PS3 will go down in history. This makes me wonder, will the crew become a ps4 only crew? No more PS3 players will join as a result. And I guess I'd have to upgrade consoles to keep up with current events. The question still remains unanswered for me.

November, 8, 2016

     Time sure does change. Back when I was just an unvetted XDBX member, everything was so different. The crew was so passionate about the titles that it condones. Grand Theft Auto was the main centre of attention; it was new that's why. Staffs and admins alike were working hard to keep the site up and alive. Sadly, things must change. A few days ago one of our crew admin, a person that worked hard for the crew, and an original member complained about the rules. G37, the crews admin was kicked and wasn't notified (sorry if I got the wrong reason, I'll explain why shortly). He worked hard for the crew and was kicked after thirty days just like every crew member would if they were inactive. I read the post twice. I understood where he was coming from. "Expendable" was all that I could remember. Yes, even if you did everything for the crew just to be kicked like so, it proved just how expendable a crew member can be. Me, not taking part in the discussion decided to shadow the discussion. I wasn't here long enough to know all this and if I did, I wouldn't have ways to prove my point if someone decided to tear apart my comment. That was probably why I wasn't that interested to take part. So I waited.

     Yesterday the crew changed even more. Our crew leader JustHatched announced that he would be stepping down with Dodge taking his place. He said that he wasn't passionate about the crew. I can see where he was coming. Since the crew's primary focus is on Grand Theft Auto, this tends to cause lack of interest, thus why this problem occured in the first place. For the record, G37 was not contacted about his kick, according to what I've read. This could've been avoided however (sorry again if I got the wrong reason, I'm not the best in the arts of English, so I practice) Since the crew was losing interest, this probably fits all together. Same game leads to boredom which leads to the lack of passion for the crew, thus error occurs. I sympathize with the problem here. The crew is kind of dead in my eyes. I left Grand Theft Auto because I was bored (before school started). I wasn't as active on the site as a result. Each time I came on, I felt that the crew was slowly losing interest which was why I noticed events pertaining to other games popping up. In G37's case it could've been avoided. We need something that'll keep us interested. We need them so that it'll cause XDBX staff to manage the crew better. We are entering an era where Grand Theft Auto 5 alone isn't going to satisfy XDBX anymore.

p.s: sorry if I butchered the whole thing in this passage. Like the problem, I'm losing passion for the crew since there's nothing going on. That's why I didn't fully get a grasp on the current problem. And yes XDBX critics will criticize, telling me to read it again, the arts of English is not my best subject. While I shouldn't be including it if I'm already bad in the arts, I won't improve if I don't learn form my mistakes. I just need people to point it out. 

   July, 28, 2017

Full Circle - Almost

     It's been so long since I've been on this page, in fact it's just days away from my second year in the crew [August, 10, 2015]. I know some of you guys and girls are hoping for me to make the jump from PS3, [aka modder's paradise] to PS4 but that seems like a dream for me at this point. After contemplating countless times over the past year, I decided that I won't move to PS4. It's saddening, yes, considering that I'm the only active XDBX member to have yet gotten GTA 5 on the PS4 but even if I did I would be intimidated by how far the GTA 5 has become ever since last gen stopped being supported. When Rockstar announced it was going to pull the plugs on character transferring I knew that I would never be able to do so before the deadline. School ate my life day and night so I barely had time to even game. Over the course of the year I became more and more lazy to even start my PS3 and now it's collecting dust. I know that some of you would tell me it's fine to start a new account when I finally manage to get my hands on the game but the game has such a steep learning curve. There are many good players that will end me in TDM, grinding the game dry would be top priority 24/7 and I'm just not ready to put in that time and effort to even reach the stage that I'm at on PS3 -- the amount of money I have accumulated on PS3 started since the High Life update, the time the Zentorno super car was introduced. Furthermore, I won't even have the time to invest in the game now that I'm half way into my summer with school not to far away. By the time GTA 6 is released I would be in my room typing lab reports for my professor! Lastly the money needed in order to get a PS4, GTA 5 and the ability to play multiplayer should be spent elsewhere... Meanwhile I have been mostly inactive here and I'm sorry. As I stated I'm sure that I'm the only XDBX member in the crew to have yet a PS4. I don't feel as interested and isolated now that everything here is PS4 oriented which is why I'm not active -- sometimes I just replying to videos and topics because it's the only I can do to stay relevant in the crew that I called home. Long story short, if you aren't upset or tearing up which I hope I didn't do, I will not make the jump to PS4 and will not purchase GTA 5 and 6. It's such a steep learning curve in GTA 5 for how far it has become. Money, PVP -- they changed since I last saw it. The money needed to even purchase the console, the games itself and the ability to play multiplayer is to costly. Lastly and most importantly I don't have the time and effort to put in to both GTA 5 and 6 due to school. If you see some guy with "Prodigy" in the name or is dressed up in a stormtrooper outfit in GTA 5 that's not me but some cheap knock off. 
   I am surely the only active PS3 XDBX member who has yet to make the transfer to PS4. I am a lurker, a shadow and will forever be a shadow. My only wish is to interact with the crew ingame at least once. Whether I'm still lurking on the site by the time university comes remains unknown but if I don't login for a month for some reason, I fear what would happen for there should I ever want to come back after being kicked. After all, I only have a PS3.


*About all of these are going in depth of a post I made a few weeks ago "Prodigy's Story"*

*I think I like typing diarys like this, probably make more as time goes on and post them here regularly*

Edit: I'll try to keep the stories chronological going forward, but when I want to crank out a story that happened in the past, it'll be marked with [PAST]. Also for entries tied to the future, [FUTURE]. Entries tied to the present won't be marked.

Comments are welcome since I'm going to add more stories by editing the OG post and then bumping it.

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A quadratic function can be written in vertex form:

f(x) = a( x-h )^2 + k          *^2 means squared*

The vertex form is helpful because it tells you the location of the vertex (h,k); (x,y)


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I can see where you are coming from as far as PS3 goes, best I can say is the PS3 overall (not GTA related) is a dying thing, and us as a crew will "drop" the PS3 someday. It's been well discussed and the final decision to pull the plug lies with @zmurko, after that point we will no longer accept PS3 only members. I hope at some point you are able to get a PS4, until then do the best you can, you'll never be kicked for not being on PS4 as long as you manage the 30 day site log in rule, we have members now whom do not play nearly at all but stick with us due to friendship and/or knowing they will return to gaming when they can/want.

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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2 minutes ago, Hatch said:

I can see where you are coming from as far as PS3 goes, best I can say is the PS3 overall (not GTA related) is a dying thing, and us as a crew will "drop" the PS3 someday. It's been well discussed and the final decision to pull the plug lies with @zmurko, after that point we will no longer accept PS3 only members. I hope at some point you are able to get a PS4, until then do the best you can, you'll never be kicked for not being on PS4 as long as you manage the 30 day site log in rule, we have members now whom do not play nearly at all but stick with us due to friendship and/or knowing they will return to gaming when they can/want.

I think you answered an unanswered questioned I harboured. 

Q: Will existing PS3 members be kicked if the crew becomes PS4 only

A: Just found it


Somewhere hidden in this site lies a few post that confirms that I will be getting a PS4, probably when it's on sale. When I do get it, I don't mind putting in 15-20min of setting up between my PS3 or PS4 each time I want to play between.

A quadratic function can be written in vertex form:

f(x) = a( x-h )^2 + k          *^2 means squared*

The vertex form is helpful because it tells you the location of the vertex (h,k); (x,y)


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