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Proper Panto Football


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Panto Football inside the purpose built 'OBEY Arena', classed as a race as was the only way of making it work. 

Perfect for crew playlists as something different, basically rocket league.

8 Players max so 4 v 4 teams agreed upon in loading/setup lobby, ways of doing so in job description.

One team takes red stock panto's, other team in blue, shooting into opposite colour goal. 

Red and blue entrances as stipulated by colour coded stunt signs (red is near, blue far end from start line) 

As it is a race you have the timer running up rather than down so you can either play for a set time, or play first to 5/10 goals.

Keep track of score collectively, after a team scores they must return to their goal and wait until the opposing team is across the half way line to resume play. (Thanks Bry)

Once the game is complete exit the stadium via the panto sized hole in the wall (again, thanks Bry).

For playlist scoring purposes the winning team crosses the line first, in order of goals scored by each player (or anything else that's fair and all) then the losing team crosses the line in the same manner. 

The finish line is back at the start point to give everyone time to be in the agreed finishing order. 


Really hope people enjoy this as joining you lot has been right enjoyable and i doubt i'd still play nearly as much if it wasn't for the crew so its nice to give something that i consider to be not totally shit. #FUN 

Cheers Troops :) 





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