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Dodge: Do You Even Lift Bro?


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Here is my Video Lesson on Do You Even Lift Bro? by @no_snacks. I hope it helps some of you make better laps on this awesome track.

Fastest Time in the Video - 1:14.308

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This is a classic track through and through. It's much more difficult than it seems, it's deceiving. So I will say you have a number of good thoughts and practices in this video.

However, IMO, as it pertains to "Racing School" and what that idea is all about, this needs to be blatantly labeled as an "advanced" track. If Racing School is about what I think it's about, it's designed to help newcomers and those seeking improvement in this dynamic of the game. I would most certainly think about the next track, it needs to be easy and approachable by EVERYONE, especially those of currently lesser skill levels.

Talk about approaches, keep the tracks FLAT (because changes in elevation and bumps are upper level) and why certain things work and why certain things don't. It might be easier to select a R* track so people can practice the hell out of that, again, something that's easy and then building your way up.

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"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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