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Val de Vienne Circuit


Hey crew !

Thanks to the new creator options, I tried to recreate my local racetrack.

I'm quite please with the result. Only thing I don't like is that the back straight is too long compared to real life. I'll try to modify that later.

I tried to put some trees and gantry where they are IRL. Made a grandstand area as well.

UPDATE : Track updated in time for BACCAR. Changed the layout from the back straight to the hairpin at CP 11. It's now much closer to real life. I wouldn't say it's spot on but having driven there IRL and in GTA, the two are very close. I'm very happy with it ! Trees and "grandstand" are where they belong. Added a pitlane complete with health pickup for endurance, garages, the control tower, helipad and the podium area (only cosmetic, not usable).

It's set to contact as default but there are barriers all over the track so no risk to fall down.

Tell me what you think !




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1 hour ago, revbouncer said:

Nice track Fido. I don't know how accurate it is as I've never heard of that track before, but it's a fun race that's for sure!


30 minutes ago, Dodge said:

Ran it last night. Nice track. 

Thanks guys. It is a really nice track IRL. I drove there once in a small monoseater (5 laps) and had a blast.

I also go there every year for the biggest Ferrari meeting in Europe.

We'll go there when you come visit me :D

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