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FCT - Champagne Champion

My first time using a six-pack. I was expecting an aimer that I'd then have to release R2 to shoot, but instead this happened.

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    • Skorpion
      Skorpion -
      Cant see that, just get error.
    • omarcomin71
      omarcomin71 -
    • Smurf
      Smurf -
      Love it
    • Smurf
      Smurf -
      Type of cheating is this? come on Pete I expect better from you.
    • Crawford1872
      Crawford1872 -
      Ahhh gotcha mate, tbh we just have too many bald characters in this crew, all look alike! That still was kinda confusing to me and I knew what was going on/it's not even 6am here. So can totally see why that was confusing 😅 @Skorpion
    • Skorpion
      Skorpion -
      Turns out it was my mistake. Pretend rolls out in front of me, but as his character is flashing/faded and in the rush of combat (at 6am mind you lol) I got a bit confused, then it said you killed me. So I thought it was you in front of me, I had no idea you were back there lol.  
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