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I feel like this happens to me so often. Get caught up in a collision and having a big crash right at the start of a race and then never getting back in contact with the rest of the field. I end up having more and more crashes through the race as I push too hard to try and catch up.

When I look at the results at the end of races where I manage a clean lap my fastest lap is up there with the fastest. I just wish I could do it every lap and get to enjoy the racing more rather than being on my own at the back listening to everyone else on the headset having all the fun 😭

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    • Con
      Con -
      Or like a down on her luck prostitute at the car wash.  Ram yous a car wash hooker.
    • LimeGreenLegend
      LimeGreenLegend -
      Grinding that car like this is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater!
    • Con
      Con -
      It was like witnessing the Hand of God. You blessed sonamab*tch. 😄  
    • DavidCore89
      DavidCore89 -
    • Banketelli
      Banketelli -
    • Lann
      Lann -
      Ahh.. so thats how you do it, nice!