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I feel like this happens to me so often. Get caught up in a collision and having a big crash right at the start of a race and then never getting back in contact with the rest of the field. I end up having more and more crashes through the race as I push too hard to try and catch up.

When I look at the results at the end of races where I manage a clean lap my fastest lap is up there with the fastest. I just wish I could do it every lap and get to enjoy the racing more rather than being on my own at the back listening to everyone else on the headset having all the fun 😭

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If you watch very closely I think you can see my Bucaneer on the left starting this whole chain reaction off.....  Sorry.

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I know the feeling Bry and sorry for the incidental contact. Unlike Pete though I like contact racing more as I have a better chance at doing well. Non- contact is just hot lapping and the fast guys just zoom off.

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I know the frustration.  I have never come along with most of the crew on the love of contact racing.

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    • Lann
      Lann -
      So happy i got to see this, i noticed the notifications in game but did not realize you guys made it to those weapons. 
    • Con
      Con -
      f*cking brilliant man. 
    • pete_95973
      pete_95973 -
      I need to learn how to use the editor properly.  This is so cool.
    • Schumi6581
      Schumi6581 -
      Wow! So cool!   Who's the redhead that keeps dying in the middle of the screen? Oh wait...😑😆
    • RammsteinDUDE
      RammsteinDUDE -
    • Lann
      Lann -
      I recorded the last minutes, turned on the recording as the action got intense. Once you have it recorded you can edit in the editor. Good fun.