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  1. Rockets v Helicopters  

  2. Overwatch at its best  

    This is the best game of Overwatch I've had in a while, at least playing competitive mode on my own.  In competitive mode you get a rank based on how good you are.  I'm in mid gold, which is bang average.  
    In this game I'm playing the front line tank role, there to take damage and make space.  I start off on the character Orisa, but I hate playing shield tanks as I find it boring, so I switch to the much more fun D.Va after a while.  This is where I really start kicking *ss.  I ended up with 51 eliminations, which is a lot at high ranks, let alone gold.  
    Hopefully there'll be a console beta for OW2 in the next few months so more of you guys can try it out.  It may look confusing at times (even for me) but it's a lot of fun.
  3. Stealing the win  

    A little Bro on Bro violence as I steal the win from @omarcomin71 with the mid air slip
  4. Perspectives  

    From WOW 25/05/2022. Was surprised you even saw me for being so far behind you (and me having just spawned) so I'm interested to see your POV given we all know how this game can be often 👍@Skorpion
  5. Perspectives  

    From WOW 25/05/2022. Was surprised you even saw me for being so far behind you (and me having just spawned) so I'm interested to see your POV given we all know how this game can be often 👍@Skorpion
  6. Trolling the Troll  

    Had a pretty big lead on one of the R* 4x races so decided to give out some karma to the person shooting the rest of the participants and not taking part b4 claiming an easy win.
  7. I'M A LIME!  

    I was playing It Takes Two with Jag and all my wildest dreams came true!
  8. Helicopter Gunner LTS  

    In a non crew PL I got pretty lucky as the Helicopter Gunner. I never take out the entire enemy team in crew playlists. Needless to say I was less successful as a pilot!
  9. Watch me get destroyed by the aimbot King  

    Hopefully this dude will need a new account after the report i made. Tried to get me into a party chat after the fact as well. Fkn kidtouch
  10. Omar U legend  

    Tom Cruise has nothing on you bro @omarcomin71
  11. Panto Football  

    A classic game of Panto Football with yours truly on commentary.  Teams are @pete_95973@Skorpionand @DavidCore89 v @djw180 @Beez and @TheFox2000unit.
  12. Is this a bucket?  

    Well, is it?
    The Stanley Parable is amazing. 
  13. NEW CONTENT!!!!!!!  

    The best thing about The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition is the incredible new content.  It really puts R* to shame.
    Seriously though, there's a lot more than this and it's all incredible.  Seriously, play this game.  It even has Rocket League in it.
  14. Raking up to 1000 with the crew :)  

    Very fitting I ranked up to 1000 In a crew created job in a crew playlist.  🙂
  15. Click on door 430 five times  

    A trophy that requires you to simply click on a door five times.
    If you've never played The Stanley Parable before then get it now.  It's one of the best written games ever made.  Not even games, it's one of the best written anything ever.
  16. A Classy Win [Fall Guys]  

    I win a crown in Fall Guys whilst singing along to Fred Astaire like the classy gentleman I am.
  17. Wallriding Ally  

    @Crawford1872finds the perfect racing line.
  18. Lily Pad Luck [Fall Guys]  

    Not once, not twice, but thrice was my life saved by lily pads in this round of Fall Guys.
  19. RvI 2 for 1  

  20. Arm Wrasslin'  

    A battle between @BryannosaurusRex and @Squirrel
  21. Darn lag!  

    I was only joking with my comment @PretendWereDead .
    As you can see unlike your comments suggested, I wasn’t squeezing between you and the wall, it was a bit of lag. It’s just one of those things that happens with this game. 
  22. Santas magic  

    Thats no way to treat Santa. Death to the Grinch! Nice to get some kills after going 2-9 in the previous tdm.
  23. An interrupting rpg  

    the gentlemanly duel between me and @djw180gets explosively interrupted by @Smurf
  24. First Class B*tch  

    WARNING! Explicit Language.
    I met tacticalbluewolf and then joined him and some friends including SenpaiPapaBear. They're both awesome guys and a lot of fun to play with.
    We played a round that ended with a gas leak, and this has to be the best of the worst sore losers I've come across.
    I cant be heard due to chat settings that I need to change, but I was just asking her to continue being a b*tch lol.
    I also didnt save enough as I didnt realise how long she carried on for, but this is a pretty good idea.
  25. FCT - Champagne Champion  

    My first time using a six-pack. I was expecting an aimer that I'd then have to release R2 to shoot, but instead this happened.
  26. FCT - Tag Team Kill  

    @Olla and I coordinate our attack to kill @LimeGreenLegend and Jag at the same time.
  27. Master of Deception  

    My first win as the traitor in First Class Trouble while playing with @TheFox2000unit @Beez @RammsteinDUDE @Skorpion and @Olla.
    @Lannthis is what we were playing, it's a lot of fun and free with PS Plus for the rest of the month.  It's so much fun and I think you, and a lot of people here, would like it.
  28. Whut?  

    You look like a barby doll @Skorpion lol.
  29. Whut?  

    You look like a barby doll @Skorpion lol.
  30. My RvI Pain in 2Bros  

    3 clips.
    1st shows me hit @pete_95973into the air and he survives. Watching it back I can see the lag but in the moment I thought Id sent him flying.
    2nd just cracks me up everytime. Is exactly how Id react if a 2-3 tonne truck hit me in the back of the head lol.
    3rd, well... see my struggle... lol
  31. Take a peek  

    @omarcomin71is one of the brave one’s to see if the coast is clear for the team…and pays for it
  32. Bry's Revenge  

    Having a shoot out with @BryannosaurusRex when I run out of pistol ammo, then he gets hit by a car so I run over to get a point-blank shot, only for him to get revenge seconds later...
    (At first I didn't realise he killed me so burst out laughing that he was only a split second from getting it, then noticed the wasted thing. Still f*ing funny lol)
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