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  1. An exciting finish to a Tennessee Longdongs EAFC match  

    The insane last few minutes of a game in EAFC that Torgiano and I played.  In this mode you create your own player and only control them, it's a lot of fun.  @omarcomin71, @BryannosaurusRex, @Schumi6581 and the rest of the Longdongs need to get in on this.
  2. A really good game of Overwatch  

    Here's a really good game of Overwatch in ranked mode on the best map.  It started off rough but with a few strategic character swaps we managed to pull off a pretty good victory.  This is the game at its best.
  3. Farting dogs in fall guys  

    Me, @Jaggy and @Torgiano, three fully grown adults, have a very mature conversation that makes me nearly laugh myself to death.
  4. Be careful what you find in Helldivers 2  

    @tj-honyockenson and I were exploring and came across a orbital payload that hadn’t exploded, yet. 
  5. Helldivers 2 gameplay  

    A few minutes of gameplay of Helldivers 2 after completing our mission and making our way to the extraction point. 
  6. Overcooked 2 is a chill game that strengthens friendships  

    No stress.
  7. Best Pass  

    @Joe_018_ narrowly misses a tree, but I had style 😎 
  8. Lann and Spinn wreck xmas  

    @Spinnaker1981 picked me up, good times around the map.
  9. I still don't like spiders in VR  

    don't judge me
  10. Jag loses her mind (or sees a ghost)  

    Jag swears she saw a ghost, I think she's just crazy.
  11. Sweet Child O' Mine full combo on expert in Beat Saber [PSVR2]  

    This took many attempts. 
  12. A fairly lucky RPG blast  

    During the job Operation Nightfall, I quickly fired a rocket and got lucky with my aim.  😜
  13. Bry and I share share extremely rare kills.  

    @BryannosaurusRex and I share incredibly unlikely kills during Rockets vs Jets. 
  14. Vigilante vs Rocket Lucky Shot  

  15. The Rockafeller sk*nk in Beat Saber [PSVR2]  

    This may be my new favourite song to play in this game, which has also now become my new main cardio workout.
  16. Bombs versus AA Island  

    I would say this was a pretty accurate bomb drop by @Lann
  17. Not guilty your honor  

    I wont put the blame on anyone else, my paint is clearly rubbed against the victims. Yet, one can clearly see that after i let go of the gas and reloaded in the calm waters behind the soon to be victim, simply waiting for another dose of slipstream, these is another previously unknown car entering the scene. One can only imagine the motivation for such a previously unknown and unseen recklessness and ruffness, we should leave any further investigation into the real villain be, and let the mysterious perpetrator be forever unknown. 
  18. I forgot how much I love doing Car Warehouse Sales  

    So much fun.
  19. Joe sends me flying  

    During a dirty Hotring race @Joe_018_ hit me with this perfect hip check. 😁
  20. Ally FTW on a Dodge track  

    Classy finish as Dodge takes the win, proves there is a purpose for every detail in a Dodge creation. 
  21. Free Bird is a workout in Beat Saber  

    Beat Saber on PSVR2 now has a multiplayer mode which is a lot of fun.  Here's me and Jag playing Free Bird on extreme difficulty and it's a hell of a workout.
  22. Jag loses her mind on the last hole  

    Playing Walkabout Mini Golf with Jag and on the 18th she channels her inner Happy Gilmore
  23. Hiding from Omar  

  24. What are Bros for?  

    Saving @omarcomin71 from that killer @vercryger 😃
  25. Three guys one sticky bomb  

  26. Anyone for Galaga?  

    Any older guys who were alive when Galaga was popular like me ever play this on PS4 or PS5?  I believe it costs $4 in the Playstation Store.  There is a friends leaderboard and I would love to see who can top my high score of $255K! 🙂
  27. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - PSVR2  

    A survival horror game in the Walking Dead universe.  This is brilliant.  
  28. Drums Rock PSVR2 - Black Betty (bam a lam)  

    Here's me playing Black Betty in Drums Rock, a really fun Guitar Hero style game for PSVR2.  This is the hardest difficulty and I have the sixth best score in the world, so it's fair to say I like it.
  29. Pistol Whip - Funky Cowgirl - PSVR2  

    I love this game.
  30. Pistol Whip - PSVR2  

    Pistol Whip is a rhythm shooter game and it might now be my new favourite game on PSVR2.  It's a simple premise executed perfectly as you move through various neon virtual levels shooting people to the beat of the awesome soundtrack.  
    Even though I was a sweaty mess after playing for about an hour I still felt like John Wick, but even cooler.  This is my new cardio workout.
  31. Pavlov PSVR2 - practicing my sniping  

    Here's a short video of me practicing my sniping skills in the shooting range on Pavlov VR, a multiplayer tactical shooter with several modes like team deathmatch, search and destroy and trouble in terrorist town.
    What's really cool is that each gun is realistic down to the way you have to reload them all differently.
    In this video you're only getting the feed from the right lens, but when I was playing I actually had my right eye closed and was aiming down the scope with my left, which just feels so f*cking cool.  
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