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Exotic concept art


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So I've been messing around with some ideas made them into concept art and thought I would share them with you guys to see what you think :)

I have 2 at the moment here they are :)


The Hung Judge SR4






"A scout altered by Dead Orbit's specialists and technicians after the popularity of the hung Jury"

After the popularity of the Hung Jury the technicians and specialists at Dead Orbit were spurred to improve the weapon. This resulted in this rifle for only the most loyal of gaurdians.

Rate of Fire: 25
Impact: 65
Range: 78
Stability: 45
Magazine: 10
Equip speed: 65
Aim assistance: 50
Recoil Direction: 50

Aggressive Ballistics, Smooth Ballistics, CQB Ballistics

Perk 1:
Exotic perk
Quintuple Tap
After 5 precision hits the mag will be refunded and the blast radius of firefly will increase, a small damage bonus will also be applied (0.5%) (infinitely stack-able)

Perk 2:
Extended Mag, Quick Draw, Hand Laid Stock

Perk 3:


The Lantern








"All of us must give off light in some way."

Backstory: Found on the scraps of a strange ship on the outskirts of the Reef, a Ghost's scans found that the light of this weapon was constantly in flux somehow.

Main Perk:

Tree Perk:
Braced Frame

Exotic Perk:
Upon 3 kills in rapid succession (15 seconds) this weapon will start to glow. If the glow is blue, your grenade is rapidly charged. If the glow is red, the melee is rapidly charged. If you get a yellow glow, all weapons will gain a slight damage boost.


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