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Create your own King of the Hill and Survivor modes


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Over the past few years, the boundless creativity of the GTA Online Community has produced a near-limitless number of incredible Jobs and Races - from the innovative Fork It - Deep Sea to the legendary Super Stunt Sky. Today's update to GTA Online opens up the ability for players to build their very own wave-based Survival Modes in the Survival Creator - with options to place props and spawn points, control enemy combat proficiency, vehicle spawns and much, much more.

Players can also architect their own throne rooms in the brand-new King of the Hill Creator, placing props and capture points (choose from stationary areas, item pickups such as briefcases or even driveable vehicles) with the freedom to build either team-based or free-for-all variants. Publish your original King of the Hill and Survival Jobs via Social Club for the whole community to discover, play and share. 


Not sure what we can do with these yet, but we are one step closer to Mission Creator...

Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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