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Time Trials 2019 - Round 08 - The Dog's Barracks


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A pretty basic track layout for this round, however the challenge will no doubt come from taming the short wheelbase twitchy nature of Grottis finest super mini.




Full modified Grotti Brioso R/A



Sunday 29th September 2019 (Midnight UK Time)

Submission can be by PM here of by sending a PSN message to my username doubleg213





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is there a problem with social club/rockstar today? I know its late in the day, but trying to add the track to my game and its having none of it, wont even let me sign into social club


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1 minute ago, JuniorChubb said:

@CatManDoza you should have a time from the Brioso night 👍

@Mark Verstappen I’ll try and get on before 7:30. Currently waiting for my takeaway to arrive though, an hour and 10 mins after we ordered it...

it's working now, just done a few laps, not sure if I'll do anymore, last nights no sleep is starting to hit me

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