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FEAR vs Vans. Round 3.GTS

M.C.Lethal Dose

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So how about: Maxed Mini's @ Goodwood Gr.2 @ St.Croix B Gr.4 @ Maggiore West Unless anyone has any better ideas?  

I'll be good for this will have to practice like hell but I will be there 

@JuniorChubb @M.C.Lethal Dose If both sides are struggling for numbers we could always reduce it to 4 on 4? (we can all fit in the same party then) Or try and rope in a couple of wild cards

8 minutes ago, JuniorChubb said:

Would be nice if it’s a Saturday that @Paulie can make this time. 

Hopefully he is up for some GTS.

For sure I am up! Really looking forward to it again. It depends a bit on when but I think I can make it on a Saturday in the coming weeks. 

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8 minutes ago, M.C.Lethal Dose said:

Do you guys wanna host this time?... If we can come up with a night that suits all that'll be cool.

I can host if needed no problemo @M.C.Lethal Dose but first we need a date 😅 but i'm sure we can work something out! 😃

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Does it have to be a Saturday? can be problematic for me. Deffo can't do 25th May, that's all I know so far but things tend to get arranged at short notice. (bloody families, pain in the *rse...)

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Saturday is when we tend to do these Myth, the last two have been Saturday and it is also the night they FEAR get together for their regular GTS night. We can’t really expect them to change their gaming night for us.

Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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If the 11th works for people and we get a few more Vansters in to confirm then get the ball rolling. 👍

Unfortunately I won’t be there for the 11th though, just got too much on right now to get any practice in before that date and I will find it frustrating. I am not the games biggest fan and only enjoy playing when I am prepared with a little practice.

Happy to support the team if I can though despite my absence if that is the decided date though. 😊

Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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