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The Godfather Game [The EA Wasted Concept]

Marx Maddox

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The Godfather films went down as masterpieces of art. (Aparts from III) 

The EA titles however... they got a whole lot of crap. And they weren't (in my opinion) that bad. If anything.. they were pretty cool. I must've invested a shh tonne of hours into those bad boys. Replaying the title. Hell I even had the original on PSP at one point. 

GF was alot more complex in the fact you had a lot more racketeering properties on the map to take over. But 2 let you go to work with your own crime family tree and raise your own lil empire across three lays of land.

I used to play TheMafiaBoss text based mmorpg when I was a younger cat (geeky days I guess) 

One thing I would've loved is if EA would've release a title where you could completely customise your own crime families and have a variety of cities to populate.

That whole concept was awesome. But EA just called it a day when the creators of the films stated they hated the games. I'm guessing they just didn't get the vision. 

But man.. I wish there was a title like that nowadays. The Mafia games are fine but they didn't offer that kind of strategy. I'm replaying 3 currently..  But to call that a Mafioso game is a hell of a stretch. And not to say that because the lead character wasn't of Sicilian/Italian descent. 

It could've totally been one with an African America. If they went the Bumpy Johnson or Frank Lucas route. 

It was more of a revenge on the mob type of production. 

EA Should come back with the concept in some way. Create a new criminal empire type game. The genre is wide open. And I reckon it'd sell with all these Netflix/Prime series dropping. 

Anyway, Just wanted to drop my 50 Pence or.. Quarters worth? Lol.

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