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Aim And I'll Duck


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Honestly, i despise assisted aim in ever other shooting oriented title. But i've come accustom to using it in GTAO. I started out on free aim, but it wasn't fair that i had to use full skill, and my street rival could quickly lock on. I mean im all about accuracy and precision. But that went right out the window....


What do you guys prefer?

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I play on PS3 and I was using free aim for awhile, my biggest issue was I would get put in empty lobbies a lot and would have issues getting back into free roam with some of my friends when they were on the default.  It also seemed like I'd have issues getting game invites but they may have been just an awesome rockstar server thing instead.

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I haven't played around too much with the settings, free aim is quite hard when you're used to auto aim on gta. When I get ps4 I will probably play it in free aim to add a new level of difficulty and so that I get better at free aim which will improve my skills all round.


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