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NO im not talking sirloin, chops or t-bone. I talking small things in GTA. I'm still confused on why in a title, titled Grand THEFT Auto Online, are you not allowed to THEFT any user vehicle at any time with no penalty in the destruction of their vehicle.... Thats just bummed to me



I still love the game tho

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I had a thought that maybe they could implement some system to where if you're going to steal another users car there could be a car lock button, but if you can bust the window and pull them out or manually unlock it through the broken window you could gain access. Or if they dont lock their car you could steal it. Maybe even throw in a snazzy little hot wire puzzle, something like lock picking in Fallout. But then again maybe just having a free for all GTA would be better. You can always file an insurance claim.

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What they should call it is Grand Theft Your Bank account because almost the only thing that gets stolen on the game is our money. In the form of not being able to steal and keep or sell high end cars. This is just wrong. I'll happily pay for a house or customizations to clothing or weapons, characters and even cars but having to actually buy These high end cars is blatant BULLSHIT money grab from rockstar in my opinion. There should be a chop shop where you can go and pay a high fee to remove the tracker and then you can own it. Or you pay the fee and can sell it. Either way having to buy everything is thievery. What are we up to now, 3 garages? I'm sure it will be 6 in no time as it's just away to drain more money from us. Not to mention all the extremely overpriced items in the game. Rant over

You Want Peace, Prepare For War

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